Our production in Boliva is truly one of a kind. All key processes involved in the manufacturing of llama wool are controlled and performed in-house, on site at our Bolivian facilities - ensuring full transparency and quality control.

When the wool is ready for spinning and knitting the yarns, the local knowledge and techniques are essential to ensure the look, softness and quality of the final Aiayu design. All our products are produced from the same base material, but they are spun in different thicknesses and tensions, giving us a wide range of different looks and textures. Our years of experience with the same material and manufacturer have led to a consistent high quality you can count on.

In terms of colours, llama wool comes in a wide range of natural colours, from pure white to grey, brown and black. We are very conscious about minimising the use of dyes or any other chemicals. To that end, dark fibers are used for dying dark yarns and light fibers are used for dying light colored yarns. To reduce energy consumption in the dye processing, which is also performed in-house, old systems have been improved and replaced with natural gas as the factory’s main source of energy.