Our hand-knitted items are individual works of art, merging traditional Bolivian craftsmanship with modern Scandinavian design. In fact, each garment is “signed” by the Bolivian woman who knitted it, with her name beautifully integrated into the design – as a personal greeting from her to you.

Each style is developed in collaboration with these skilled artisans, reflecting ancient Bolivian traditions expressed for a contemporary lifestyle. Each design can take up to several days or weeks to make from start to completion. Everything is made with incredible care, passion and attention to perfection. Echoing the soul of their ancestors, with a technique that’s been passed on from generation to generation over centuries.

All machine knitted items go through a piece by piece quality control and are carefully finished by hand, making the inside just as refined as the outside.

Ever since we began working with Bolivia over a decade ago, it has been our deep desire to improve and optimise the working conditions and facilities at the factory. With financial support from DANIDA, we are proud to say that we have succeeded on many fronts. From the implementation of the newest knitting machines, to work stations upgraded with correct lighting, heating installations and ergonomic chairs and tables. All workers have undergone first aid training and have government-approved contracts, securing working conditions and minimum wages. Even the cafeterias and sanitary facilities have been updated to meet European standards.

Each upgrade has dramatically improved the working conditions of the people who make our Aiayu products. It is our way of giving back to them the high quality they give to us.