Bolivia lies in the heart of South America, sharing borders with the biggest country of the region Brazil as well as Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Peru. This Country is rich in diversity, nature, culture and history – a timeless pearl. If you are planning a visit to South America do not miss out on Bolivia. We fell in love with this country 12 years ago - and our love has grown ever since! Bolivia means the world to us. No less.

There are about 10 million people living in Bolivia and more than 60% of it´s citizens are indigenous, predominantly Aymara & Quechua. Bolivia has 37 official languages and with 36 native cultures The Bolivian population is almost as diverse as its ecosystem.

An amazing 40% of all animal and plant life on earth is found in Bolivia. At 3,650m above sea level, La Paz is unofficially the highest capital city in the world.
Bolivia is home to Salar de Uyuni, the “largest mirror on Earth” and also one of the most beautiful things to see. Salar de Uyuni is an enormous 10,582 square kilometers in size and the largest salt flat on the planet.

A clock on the National Congress building in the main square of La Paz runs backwards to remind citizens to think differently. How cool is that! But our favorite fact about Bolivia is that it is home of 2 million Ilamas – the natural source of our knitwear production.