At Aiayu, we made a conscious decision to manufacture a vast majority of all our products with llama wool. Not very well known but with numerous unique properties, llama wool is light and the fibre is hollow, so it’s surprisingly soft and able to provide superior insulation. It’s naturally hypoallergenic. It’s also comparatively longer, stronger and more durable than other wool fibres.

By definition, llama wool is a sustainable product, since it’s derived directly from llama that roam freely in their natural habitat. And of course, shearing causes no damage to the environment or to the llama.

To further minimise any affects on the environment in the processing and production of the wool, we have been instrumental in implementing a water treatment plant that cleans all waste water and recycles as much as 75% of it. It’s something we’ve accomplished together with a local partner, backed by support from DANIDA - the development organisation as part of Denmark’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.