Our mission in India was to showcase a sustainable approach in a conventional production country, favoured by companies around the world for its textile production.

Everything we do in India is made of 100% organic cotton and certified according to SA8000 and GOTS.  Meaning it is verified as a natural product, refined under high ethical standards, from fibre to final garment.

In northern India in a city called Agra, located on the banks of the river Yamuna, we work with one sustainable producer to manufacture all our cotton products for our certified organic cotton range.


Sadly the textile industry is infamous for its excessive waste. From remnants of fabrics that could measure sky high to enormous amounts of erroneous production runs, cancelled orders, etc. The waste adds up to millions of leftover cuttings alone.
To help address this, we’ve set up a zero waste programme in India for all our cotton products. We take leftover fabric and cuttings from our own production and use them to create small items like our tote bags and hang tags, as well as larger items such as our Raw Quilts and Raw Rugs.

Furthermore, we also try to help eliminate waste by recycling excess fabric produced by others. In fact, the cotton tote bag you get when you shop on our Aiayu website is made of leftover fabric stock from other textile companies.
With profits from our zero waste products, we give donations to a local school for challenged children called TEARS, an acronym for Train, Educate And Rehabilitate Socially.


At Aiayu, we actively strive to support the local communities where we work, both environmentally and socially. Intrinsic to our concept is that our products are produced at their origin. This enables us to keep our products authentic, drawing on the unique local expertise to produce them.
Giving back to the local communities is our extra way to thank them for their help – by helping them in return.
With this in mind, we created our Aiayu organic cotton line.