India is known for its high quality cotton and refining expertise, which made it a logical choice in our search for a suitable partner for our organic cotton line.

All our Aiayu cotton is natural, organic Indian cotton. The highest ranked cotton fibres grown without the use of pesticides.

The farmers we work with in India have extensive experience growing organic cotton, yielding a high quality that’s actually higher than cotton that’s conventionally grown. They use techniques that support healthy eco systems and biodiversity, including reducing the consumption of water. Organic cotton requires special knowledge and skills, but the outcome is more beneficial for you – and for the environment.

We make a point of supporting organic producers who are certified for responsible production. They are often a minority of hard working individuals who truly comply with the requirements and follow the proper protocol. The government defines the rules for eco-friendly production but with very little enforcement. That’s why we only engage with experienced organic producers fighting for certification in all links of cotton production.

Our Aiayu cotton is GOTS certified, which guarantees that the cotton is 100% organic, involving sustainable production from the cultivation of the cotton to the final garment.