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Aiayu 2020 Vol. 2

Aiayu 2020 Vol. 2

In our era of disposability, the enduring is to be treasured. Welcome AW20 - a collection inspiring us to look deeper instead of only going faster.

Sometimes when the world seems to spin too fast, it is time to find new perspectives, be at ease with yourself, and to explore deeper instead of only going faster. Aiayu Vol. 2 2020 meets the yearning for attention to detail in the modern world. The campaign to support this speaks volumes of aiayu’s values – simplicity and sensibility.

A note about the production of this collection during Covid:

Much of our production has been shut down in our communities of origin since March. We have fully supported these measures in order to keep our producers, their families, and communities safe. We have worked tirelessly with our suppliers to find ways to support them during this time. In Bolivia, India, and Nepal, we have been able to maintain limited production in accordance with all health and safety recommendations. Our producers, whom we consider our friends, have really inspired us with their resilience and creativity during these challenging times.

We are so excited to present the beautiful results of their hard work.





The chosen colour palette is deep and muted, allowing details and materials to speak for themselves. Tonal colours can be layered to achieve the look of now, but also work perfectly as stand-alone modern classics.

You will find old Scandinavian inspired knits in mixed patterns, as well as super soft classics in comfortable fits as always. The details shine through in knitted surfaces that range from delicate lace and rib to fluffy bouclé, and a chunky patent knit point.





Cotton Classics

In materials, aiayu explores the versatility of organic cotton with poplin, heavy canvas, seersucker and corduroy. From shirts, blazers, and dresses to worker pants and jackets, superior materials have been chosen to make the perfect product. As always, the design is timeless, offering classics that are well-crafted and versatile, making them instant wardrobe go-to pieces.



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