Aiayu Postcard: Bornholm

Aiayu Postcard: Bornholm

Through a series of digital postcards, Aiayu invites you to explore some of the many gems of Denmark this summer. This week, our postcard is sent to you from Bornholm, where Founder and Creative Director, Maria Heilmann, spent a rainy week in beautiful surroundings with family and friends.

‘To me, Bornholm is a magical mix of dramatic nature and idyllic little villages. A truly special place, where local produce, crafts and a genuinely nice vibe create a unique atmosphere that is fun for all’

Maria Heilmann, Founder & Creative Director

Bornholm is a Danish vacation classic, known to many for its eclectic mix of soft, sandy beaches and raw, rocky landscapes, but it was Maria’s first time visiting the island. She stayed in Allinge, a charming city on the northern part of Bornholm, enjoying the best of what the island has to offer – from delicious local treats, to windy walks and dips in the ocean.

For a vacation with kids, Bornholm is the perfect place to go. Maria stayed at Hotel Nordlandet, which is located within walking distance from exquisite homemade ice cream at Kalas Is, but also a quick game of minigolf at the legendary Sandvig Minigolf course.

Eating & Drinking

For a night on the town without kids, Hotel Nordlandet offers first class wining and dining, but for a family friendly night out, make sure to try Gæstgivergården in Allinge – a legendary venue with live music, delicious seasonal food and a warm, welcoming vibe you won’t find anywhere else.

Take a walk around the small cities along the coast, with colorful half-timbered houses and hollyhocks along white picket fences, and stop by one of the many local smokehouses for a traditional lunch – a classic called ‘Sol over Gudhjem’.

Nature and Landscape

Make sure to explore the incredible nature of the island, spanning from white sandy beaches at Dueodde, to a classic Bornholm adventure ‘on the rocks’, where climbing to swim is considered business as usual. If you fancy more rocks, the formation at Jon’s Chapel north of Hasle is absolutely breathtaking as well, and well worth a trip down the steep stairs.

The giant forest in the middle of the island, Almindingen, is also worth a drive. Make sure to stop for exquisite gourmet food at Christianshøjkroen while you are there.

Many choose to drive around the island by car, but Bornholm is also easily accessible by bike or public transportation. The scenic view along the coast is reason enough to make the drive from tip to tip of the island.

Kalas Is
Strandpromenaden 14 (Sandvig Havn)
3770 Allinge

Hotel Nordlandet
Strandvejen 68
3770 Allinge

Theaterstræde 2
3770 Allinge

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