The AUDO - Where human interaction meets artistic expression

The AUDO - Where human interaction meets artistic expression

Where human interaction meets artistic expression

The Audo is a concept space in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district – an up and coming waterfront area and a hotspot for modern architecture. The 1918 building and former boathouse has been given a minimalistic makeover and turned into a hybrid space consisting of boutique hotel, café, design material library, co-working space and concept store. Here is where human interaction meets artistic expression.

The Audo residence has 10 rooms, each one held in its very own character, color and textures. Finishing touches have been added by partners handpicked by The Audo for arts, ceramics, rugs and textiles. At the Audo, guests can enjoy a good night’s sleep on crisp AIAYU bed linen.

We asked founder Bjarne Hansen what makes a home and tips on the best sleeping spots. The pictures will speak for themselves.

Enjoy the tour.


Where is your favorite place to wake up and why?

Perhaps surprising, perhaps not, my favorite place to wake up is in my home. I live by the coast, north of Copenhagen, and am fortunate enough to have an ocean view where I can see all the way across to Sweden. I never get tired of getting up in the morning and looking out the window of our living room, observing our garden and the boats sailing by in the background, daydreaming and contemplating.

We have a big family and our home, although our children are grown up and have moved out, is still the place where we all gather. Now, our grandchildren love to stay the night and this is also one of the reasons that it is my favorite place to wake up.


The AUDO feels like what a home should feel like – What for you is the essence of home?

To me, and this is something I have always tried to integrate into my work, the essence of a home is the life of the people living there. The items we put in our homes can help us achieve the things we want to achieve but on top of this they should contribute aesthetically and, most importantly, socially. Furniture, accessories, literature, art and decorations and are conversation starters, sources of inspiration or artefacts bringing back memories. A home is a reflection of who we are and the people we surround ourselves with. It is important that our home gives us joy and a sense of peace.

Why were you inspired to start The Audo?

For a long time, I was searching for the perfect way to tell the story of what I just tried to explain. Namely, that architecture, design and art are practices that can help people connect, share ideas, as well as experiences, and learn from one another. I was inspired to create The Audo because I had not seen an example of a commercial space that connected people in the way I was envisioning.

The Audo is a space that is open to everyone and where companies, creatives, makers, locals, visitors and employees alike connect on a human, personal level to discuss the physical world that surrounds us and how to make it better and more beautiful to live in. It moves me to see that this is something we have achieved, and that people understand the message we are trying to communicate. Luckily, I was not alone with my vision but have found talented, likeminded individuals who believe in the same cause and have teamed up on making the vision a reality.


Please share your favorite place in Nordhavn (apart from AUDO Of course) for our readers.

It is difficult to decide if my second favorite place is THEKRANE or Restaurant SILO as they are both incredible projects we have worked on together with very talented people. We helped transform these existing structures, and, as with The Audo, I find it inspiring to take something old and turn it into something new and innovative with the help of others. THEKRANE is a former crane turned retreat/event space for people to stay in or host smaller gatherings. Restaurant SILO, is a restaurant on the 17th of a former silo overlooking the whole of Copenhagen. Similarly to The Audo, both projects are great places to be with loved ones.

Photo credit

Photo 1 & 7: Jonas Bjerre Poulsen. Photo 3, 5 & 8: Mario Depicolzuane. Photo 4 & 6: @septemberedit

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