Foundations for a sustainable space - Lotta Agaton

Foundations for a sustainable space - Lotta Agaton

It is always such treat to see inside a favorite designer’s home. Lotta Agaton is considered one of the most influential interior stylists in Scandinavia. She is known for her minimalistic, yet warm style which is always based on quality and timelessness.

Lotta, we know you as a leading multidisciplinary stylist of the region. If you could do anything else in the world, what would it be?

I love to cook so I guess I could also see myself being a chef… but then I think the most fun part would be to design my own restaurant and choose the perfect tableware and cutlery so I guess I should just stick to what I do …and keep cooking for my family & friends.


What is your favorite room in your home?

I live in a converted old factory with just one large room. That room and space is for sure a favorite, but my favorite part must be the terrace where I have a small herb garden and spend almost all my time when the weather allows. I also love that I have my office (and my boat) just a block away from my home.


What is the piece of furniture you have owned the longest, and why is it so special?

My dining table is an old ”Leonardo” work table by Castiglioni from Zanotta that my father bought for his first architectural office, it is not very practical because of its large legs but it is so precious to me so it stays, and my guest just have to squeeze in around those legs. Also, my collection of books, I always say that my home is where my books are.


Did you grow up in Sweden? If yes, how has it influenced how you live and your design philosophy?

Yes, I grew up in Sweden and have never had an urge to live anywhere else. I travel a lot on business so my home is my safe place where I recharge my batteries and restore my energy. My family and friends are very important to me so I just couldn’t imagine living away from them. My kids have been studying in Copenhagen the last couple of years so Copenhagen has become my home away from home to me. I think the Scandinavian way of looking at design as something timeless and produced in long lasting materials that age beautifully has become the core of my esthetics s so yes, growing up in Sweden is a big part of my DNA.


You are known for your quality focused, and timeless aesthetic. What are the basic foundations for a sustainable and long-lasting space?

My basic foundation is to create environments that people like to spend time in and feel comfortable and welcomed in to. To me it is very important to create spaces or images that will last over time, both in the visual expression but also in choice of materials and colors. I always try to choose products that are produced in the best possible way and that will age beautifully over time and I try to never choose things and trends that you will get tired of in a short time.


Amazing does not always equal expensive – as we learn from your projects. What is a simple, easily executable trick to pull a space together?

Start by creating an overall mood, color and material palette to stick to is the key ground to a successful project, if you just buy random things after your current mood it will be very tricky to get a harmonious result.


You run an interior styling studio, you have founded a magazine, you develop product collaborations and decorate homes around the world – what does a typical day look like for you?

That is the best part of my job that no day looks like the other, except for starting every day with coffee in bed and morning yoga.  When I am in Stockholm I try to spend as much time as possible in my studio with my team, we work very closely together and I am very involved in all our projects and almost every detail so it is very important for me to be able to have enough time to touch ground there.


Any tips for Aiayu readers who would also like realize their full creative, professional and personal potential?

Trust your gut feeling and don’t look at what others do!


You have been a supporter and friend of Aiayu for the last many years. Thank you for that. What is your favorite Aiayu item and why?

Aiayu was love at first sight for me, both for the way you produce your products with such an respect and care for our earth but also for the timeless and minimalistic design and amazing quality. I am obsessed with the bedlinen and the cashmere and wool cushions and throws but I also wear a lot of your knits.


Best places in Stockholm for interior inspiration.

My favorite part of Stockholm is to spend it on the water. You can rent a boat, canoe or a SUP, walk around the lakes, travel in the archipelago. But I also love the area with all small shops and restaurants on Södermalm and around Nytorget.


Thank you Lotta Agaton.

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