In the Aiayu Store in Aarhus and Copenhagen you can now experience our beautiful in-store summer tables. The tables are set with the Aiayu home collection and as a finishing touch we have invited local designers, artists, and brands we find inspiring to help us with the decoration.

In Aarhus we are very happy to welcome the local interior shop Nørr & Leo Studio and their stunning and colorful pottery.

NØRR & LEO STUDIO is located in a charming old apartment in the heart of Aarhus. Reflecting the owners Mette and Philip’s passion and joy for design and beautiful things, the studio is build around a curation of carefully selected items found on trips around the world, each with a unique story.

We had a chat with the two owners on inspiration, their studio and the thoughts behind the decoration of the Aiayu summer table.

Tell us a bit about yourself and Nørr & Leo Studio.

We (Mette, 35 and Philip, 32) are the two owners of the interior and design store Nørr & Leo Studio and live in Højbjerg near Aarhus with our two children Kajsa & Walther. We started our studio after many years of a common interest and passion for finding unique products, where craftsmanship and good design comes perfectly together. We have been playing with the idea of creating something for many years. The pottery and art have been there from the beginning and have become the foundation of our studio.

We felt Aarhus was lacking a place where customers could have a different experience when going to a store to buy furniture and interior. The idea to the store arose from a passion and joy for design and is created as a place, in which you can explore and find unique items that will contribute to a personal feeling in your home. We want to give our customers a different experience and therefore our store is located in an old apartment in the heart of Aarhus in a beautiful old property with view to the architectural town hall. We love to create and develop, and we feel very honored to be able to find products for all our lovely customers.


You have a collection of carefully selected items in your store. What do you look for when picking out items? What is important to you in this matter?

We are always on the look for new exciting and beautiful items, where craftsmanship and the thoughts behind it go into a higher unity. The most important things to us is the story behind the product and its aesthetics. We try to curate products you don’t necessarily see anywhere else, that we think our customers want to surround themselves with for a long time. We are always on the look for new additions, both at home and abroad.

You have provided beautiful pottery for the Aiayu summer tables. Tell us about your contribution. 

The pottery chosen for the table dates back to an old family-owned factory that has existed since the 1600s. In close collaboration with them we develop the products and create our collections. Everything is handmade and undergoes an incredible number of processes to become its very own and unique product. The pottery is made of terracotta clay. The Spanish pottery, which has also found its way to the summer table, is created by a Spanish artist duo, who create their products based on desire and creativity.


What has been important to you in the decoration of the summer table? 

The most important thing to us in the collaboration with Aiayu and in the creation of the summer table has been to make our two brands meet in a beautiful constellation, where quality and aesthetics as well as craftsmanship and the joy of colors and personality all stand out and at the same time go together beautifully.


Where do you turn to for inspiration and why does it inspire you?

We are very much inspired and fascinated by the homes that are ‘overgrown’. The older you get, the more personal your home becomes. By then it will be filled with things you love that have lived for a long time. Foreign home decor also inspires us, as they dare to be different and stand out. Furthermore, we love architecture where the details are well thought out.


What has been your most memorable experience with Nørr & Leo Studio so far? 

It has to be the great love and support we received from our many loyal customers throughout Denmark during the Corona crisis. Daily we received many messages, which made us feel a genuine love and faith in our store and that people in Aarhus would not want to lose us. It made us incredibly happy to be met with so much love and support.


Any exciting projects in the future? 

We are always on the look for new and exciting projects. This is how we make sure that we keep developing our concept. Luckily, there are many exciting things in the pipeline. Several new brands and products will land in our store over the summer, and when summer ends we will launch a small update in our kitchen section, offering Danish architecture designed kitchens. In addition to this, we are working on new events in our studio that will also see the light of day after summer. Stay tuned.

Thank you for sharing Mette and Philip!


The price of the pottery ranges from 80-1800 DKK and everything is unique and hand painted. Make sure to drop by the Aarhus store at Volden 34, 8000 Aarhus C and have a look at the Aiayu summer table and the beutiful pottery from Nørr & Leo Studio.    |    instagram

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