Summer essentials with Trine Due, part of the Aiayu Design team

Summer essentials with Trine Due, part of the Aiayu Design team


Trine is one of the designers at Aiayu, her focus is on our organic cotton line with all the crisp and light summer styles we are all longing to wear. During the summertime, she loves to frequent the many green areas in Copenhagen’s Nørrebro neighborhood, where she lives with her family.

We asked Trine to share her summer essentials with us as we thought she would be the perfect one to ask.

This is a real Aiayu classic and a must-have piece! It was the first cotton style introduced when Aiayu launched their cotton line of products in 2014. It’s perfect for a warm summer day due to its light and crisp feel.

The Shirt comes in a beautiful, gentle colour palette, and it’s almost impossible for me to decide on a colour when I want to add a new one to my wardrobe.



If you want just one thing from Aiayu, a pyjama set is the way to go. In my opinion, our pyjamas give you real value for money. Also, I can say from experience that once you’ve put them on, you don’t want to ever take them off!

I personally love the seersucker version. It’s a very cute and versatile style that can also be used as a summer outfit or mixed and matched with other items in your wardrobe.


Pyjamas seersucker

I love a classic and feminine dress that you can wear for all occasions. Our Agnes Dress is the perfect example of this. I prefer to wear it without the drawstring, but then again, that’s what’s so wonderful about Agnes – you can style her just the way you want!


Agnes dress

I would love to get myself a high-quality travel bag. This one is great – it’s made of durable canvas and is the perfect size for a weekend trip. I love the small details like the two-way zip closure, the herringbone strap, and the Aiayu logo.

The classic canvas toilet bag is also a must have for the summer holidays – it will make sure that all your small things are in place.


Travel Bag Canvas / Pouch Canvas

I wear my Franka pants all the time. Their loose, straight fit, and the lightness of the cotton material makes them perfect for warm summer days. It’s one of those styles that works well with almost everything – a blazer, shirt, or a tee. With this piece, you’re ready to take on summer.


Franka Pant

One of the new pieces in our summer collection! This is a robe version of the classic Aiayu Shirt. It is a versatile style that can be used for a day at the beach as a kaftan, walking around the city over a pair of pants/jeans, or as a dress. Depending on your mood and the temperature, you can wear the sleeves rolled up or down.


Shirt Robe

Soft, warm, and fluffy, I think this style speaks for itself. After a fresh morning or evening swim, there’s nothing better than wrapping yourself in a terry bathrobe. To me this style is the epitome of a true summer essential!


Hooded Bathrobe Terry

I love the relaxed and boy-ish look of our Blazer. It’s a great piece to use throughout summer, and I know from experience that the more you use it, the lovelier the surface of the canvas gets.




Cashmere is a very suitable material to wear throughout summer due to its ability to regulate body temperature. This blouse is ideal for layering when the temperature drops on summer nights. I promise that the Guadalupe will become a piece you will cherish for a very long time.


Guadalupe Cashmere Blouse

Hope you feel inspired. Wishing you all a lovely summer

Trine from Aiayu

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