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– Svane on Samsø

– Svane on Samsø

In the heart of Samsø’s most popular tourist town, Ballen, you will find Svane – a shop filled with handpicked garments in luxurious fabrics for everyday life – perfectly curated to give you that feeling of island living and never-ending summers. We met Linda Rasmussen, owner of Svane, for a talk about running a shop on an island and the #supportyourlocal movement.

Tell us about what inspired you to open Svane?

I started the shop back in 2006, but the inspiration actually came 30 years ago, when I visited a lovely shop at Lidingö, outside of Stockholm. I worked as a stewardess and had some hours to myself in Stockholm. It was such a lovely little store, filled with good energy and beach vibes. There and then I thought to myself: the dream must be to own this kind of place.

And then you decided to open your own shop on Samsø – what is so special about the island?

The light here and the beautiful nature is really unique – being so close to the ocean. It is something that inspires me daily.

Your typical workday must be very dependent on the season?

Yes, very! Samsø attracts lots of tourists in the summer. During these months, our customers are a lovely mix between locals, summer house guests and tourists – mainly from Germany and Norway. They come here to enjoy the sea, the nature and what nature brings – freshly caught fish, sweet strawberries and our famous Samsø potatoes. Autumn and winter are for reflection, ”hygge” and long talks with our local customers.

What are your Aiayu favourites?

The Bandipur Scarf, the Ophelia cardigan in white, and the striped Lulu shorts and Agnes dress for summer. Aiayu’s universe blends so well with life here on the island.

In these challenging times, what do you do to keep your business running?

It means a lot to feel the support from our customers in these challenging times. Even though the store is closed, I advise my customers over phone and e-mail. I am their personal shopper. I also hear from a lot of our summer house guests that need help with their summer wardrobe – they are looking forward to coming back here soon. On the webshop, we offer free shipping.

So, what are your plans and hopes for the next months?

I dream of the day we are past the corona virus. In the meantime, I will go for long walks with my dog, Jytte Bulldog, get the shop ready for summer and prepare the webshop for all the new styles.

And, yes – I’m hoping we will all get through this the best way possible.

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