Under the Covers:
The Sleep Universe
Aiayu Sleep grew from the wish to create a line of bedding in a quality that could be kept comfortably close to the skin - clean and breathable with an addictively fresh feel. The universe is an exploration of colour, texture, and functionality - with a soothing aesthetic and premium materials at the core of the collection. Read on to learn more about Aiayu Sleep, and be inspired to curate your own sleep experience.
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My Name is Iselin
Aiayu 2022 Vol. 1
Aiayu proudly presents the 2022 Vol. 1 collection in collaboration with Norwegian model and architect, Iselin Steiro. During her 15-year modelling career, while gracing numerous Vogue covers, walking the runway, and starting her family, Iselin studied in Oslo to become an architect, with an emphasis on working with new ways of respecting nature and human life. ‘My Name Is Iselin’ is Iselin’s interpretation of the Aiayu universe – wearing our signature styles her way.
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Aiayu x PetiteKnit:
A Celebration of Craftsmanship
Since 2016, Mette Wendelboe of PetiteKnit has designed her own knitting patterns, gradually building a solid fan base of dedicated knitting enthusiasts around the world. Step inside the inspiring collaboration between Aiayu and one of Scandinavia’s most influential knitters, and learn more about how PetiteKnit's version of our Sille Vest came to life.
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During Copenhagen Fashion Week in February, St. Regnegade 12 in central Copenhagen was transformed into a space all about Aiayu - warm, welcoming, and dressed in earthy tones. The pop-up exhibition was a showcase of our campaign 'My Name is Iselin', and a welcome chance to showcase our Spring/Summer 22 collection in a fresh new setting.
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Aiayu on Tour:
Hotel The Monica
The Monica is a luxurious home-away-from-home devoted to all of life’s small pleasures. Personally curated by its owner, Monica Conradsen, the hotel features a line of bespoke Aiayu pieces - a perfect match for The Monica's luxurious universe. Read on to learn more about The Monica, and get an exclusive look at our home collection in this aesthetic setting.
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Inside Aiayu:
Repair Service
Aiayu's repair program is central to our “made to last” ideology. To fulfill this, we have an in-house tailor who carefully repairs well-loved items, helping customers extend the life of their favorite pieces - the most sustainable solution we can think of. Read on to learn about how the repair service works, and be inspired to prolong the life of your own wardrobe.
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The Undyed Sweat Set
Our organic cotton sweat set is an all-natural alternative to conventional dyeing, keeping our cotton purely in colors that are natural to the plant: pure ecru and earthy brown tones with minimal environmental impact. A cleaner, better way that is sensitive to both our bodies and our planet. Read on to learn more about how we produce this special undyed cotton.
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Aiayu Creatives
- The Exhibition
Launching during the annual design event - 3daysofdesign - the grand finale of our Aiayu Creatives campaign is now on display in The Aiayu Market in Nordhavn. Drop by to view the impressive pieces, learn the stories behind them, and get to know the artists - and Aiayu - a little bit better. From Sept. 16 - Sept. 18, 2021.
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Aiayu Creatives:
Atelier Axo
For the third - and final - installment of our Aiayu Creatives campaign, we are excited to introduce Atelier Axo: a cross-disciplinary design and architecture studio from Copenhagen, expertly run by Caroline Sillesen and Rose Hermansen.
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Aiayu Creatives:
Designer Sia Hurtigkarl Degel
For the second installment of our AIayu Creatives series, we proudly introduce Sia Hurtigkarl Degel - a multidisciplinary designer from Copenhagen. Read on to learn more about Sia and her special attachment to our Green Gold Project in Mongolia.
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We invited a small cohort of creative people to interpret one of Aiayus natural materials and elevate them into art, telling the stories of our sustainable materials through artistry and craftsmanship. For the first installment of the series, we are proud to introduce ceramicist Wilma Nawara, interpreting the natural colours of the llama wool in her beautiful stoneware universe.
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A Question of Standards:
Why Aiayu is GOTS Certified
Aiayu is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). We are proud to have been early adopters of the GOTS standard in Denmark, becoming certified in 2017. Learn more about what makes GOTS different than other certifications, and how to check if your favourite brands are GOTS certified.
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Introducing Silk
- the Aiayu Way
We have long believed that silk would be a beautiful compliment to Aiayu’s collection of natural materials, but we wanted to wait until we found a truly special silk and origin community. After a long search, we are excited to introduce a new line of Eri Silk. Read more about this special new material, and what it means when we say 'sustainable silk'.
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Sartuul Wool
We are excited to introduce a special new material to Aiayu’s collection of natural fibers - Sartuul wool. This durable and warm material comes from the downy coat of the Sartuul sheep in the Mongolian steppe. Read on to see why protecting the great grasslands of Mongolia is so important and what role the Sartuul sheep has to play.
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AIAYU 2021 VOL. 1
Through thoughtful details, elegant fits, and invigorating colours, the 2021 Vol 1 collection explores the magic of the mundane - those fleeting everyday moments that allow us to just be. Whether you need to pause, reflect, stretch, or dance, these exclusive favorites are made for slow days wrapped up in comfort and softness.
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Between Friends: The Petra Pillow
At Aiayu, we believe true beauty is a reflection of the love and care an object is made with. This is especially true of our new Petra pillow – the result of a long friendship between Aiayu and the creative design studio, All the Way to Paris. Read on to learn more about the collaboration and the artisan origin story of the Petra pillow.
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Furoshiki - The Art of Sustainable Wrapping
Furoshiki is the Japanese tradition of using cloth to artfully wrap, store, and transport items. This holiday season, we have been inspired by the simplicity and sustainability of this beautiful tradition and will be wrapping all gifts in organic cotton cloth leftover from our production instead of single use wrapping paper. Read on to learn more about Furoshiki and the ways you can reuse your cloth wrapping.
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Join us for an exclusive interview with the duo behind The Darling, Uffe Buchard & Jens Løkke. The Darling is a single-residence design guest house in the heart of Copenhagen, and the latest project by the renowned design duo, Jens Løkke and Uffe Buchard. The residence is an impeccable yet intimate curation of Danish art and design, and we are exceedingly proud to be one of the brand partners for the unique design space.
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AIAYU 2020 VOL. 2
Sometimes when the world seems to spin too fast it is time to find new perspectives, be at ease with yourself, and to explore deeper instead of only going faster. Aiayu 2020 Vol. 2 meets the yearning for attention to detail in the modern world. The campaign to support this volume speaks of Aiayu’s values of simplicity and sensibility.
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Aiayu Domus 2020 Vol. 1
Long, loose, crisp cotton hung loosely from collarbone with no restrictions. Domus 2020 welcomes summer with new styles with breezy volumes while old classics get refreshed with new colours.
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At home with Aiayu -
visiting Founder & Creative Director Maria Høgh Heilmann
Step inside the beautiful home of Creative Director and founder of Aiayu, Maria Høgh Heilmann, where carefully selected items with small personal stories, natural materials and a gentle color palette create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.
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Aiayu Domus
With Aiayu Domus, we have refined our homeware selection. Our commitment is less but better, objects well designed, and sustainably made. Objects for all the moods and moments that make a home.
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