Aiayu x Aarstiderne at BaneGaarden

Aiayu x Aarstiderne at BaneGaarden

Aiayu proudly teams up with Aarstiderne at BaneGaarden for Christmas. Bring your loved ones, and stop by the soft Aiayu universe: shop for thoughtful Christmas presents while enjoying organic Glühwein, waffles, Christmas lights and “hygge” surrounded by nature. We will be there all through December - alongside other green pioneers with the same uncompromising attitude towards sustainability, quality and craftsmanship.

Though the 25.000 bees that normally reside at BaneGaarden have left Sydhavnen to go into winter exile at Krogerup Avlsgaard, there are still plenty of reasons to stop by Otto Busses Vej 45 this December.

Come experience the soft Aiayu universe, and shop for thoughtful, sustainable Christmas presents against a tasteful backdrop of organic Glühwein, waffles, Christmas trees, and a very special treat: the Duck Dog. A gourmet hotdog dressed up with confit duck. It’s mouthwateringly good!

Other high quality suppliers to be enjoyed are Frankly Juice, Kølster øl, Ønsk kaffe, Wild Distillery gin, Husted Vin, Oialla Chocolate, NatureSource, as well as local produce from Bornholm.

Besides a mutual admiration for one another, Aiayu and Aarstiderne hope that this venture will share as mutual inspiration for guests as well – as a new perspective on how to implement sustainability in every aspect of life.

In the words of Aarstiderne co-founder, Søren Ejlersen:

‘For many years, I feel we have lacked businesses that are able to balance product quality, design, and aesthetics with ease. Aiayu is a prime example of a business like that. I have gifted my wife, my daughters, and sisters many items from Aiayu. I wear it myself, too. The price is perfectly mirrored in the high quality of the product. It is truly made to last and the design is timeless. Less is more.’

For Aiayu, the collaboration with Aarstiderne comes as a natural extension of the mission to work with nature’s best materials, and our vow to produce respectfully and with great care for people and the planet.

CEO and partner in Aiayu, Maria Glæsel:

‘There are so many similarities between our businesses: passion and commitment, solid craftsmanship, working with the best raw materials, and treating earth’s ressources with respect. We are constantly searching for ways to give back what we have borrowed.’

As an exclusive offer, our handmade angels from Nepal will also be available for purchase at BaneGaarden, making Christmas a little extra special this year.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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