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The Llamas of Bolivia

The Llamas of Bolivia

The highland of Bolivia is the home of the llama and where the story of aiayu began. Read on to learn more about the magnificently versatile and strong llama fiber, and discover how our llama knits and coats are made with care and love in Bolivia.

Elegantly evolved to withstand the demands of high altitudes and mountain life in Bolivia, the llama fiber is truly one of nature’s wonders. The fiber is long and hollow, making it both durable, pill-resistant, and extremely effective at insulation. A perfect basic layer made for elevated everyday wear – soft, refined, and casually elegant.

We work with premium, all-natural llama wool – one of the most durable wools in the world. Our llama quality is highly responsible, as we source it directly from traditional family farms in Bolivia’s highlands. Here, the llamas roam freely in small packs, gently grazing in their natural habitat as they have for centuries. Early in the morning, farmers let out their llamas for the day, and at night, they return for shelter. They know exactly where home is.


Community & Craftsmanship

Our aim is to preserve and support the traditional craftsmanship in Bolivia’s handknitting communities. We knit everything traditionally and finish every product by hand to minimize waste. Our handknitted items are individual works of art ‘signed’ with initials from the Bolivian woman who knitted them. The factory is Bolivia’s first WRAP-certified factory, and has a water plant that ensures 100% of all water is recycled and that 70% is re-used.

The factory is unique in that all processes throughout the entire supply chain are handled in-house, from sourcing, refining, spinning, and dyeing to knitting. Producing under one roof ensures transparency, quality, and reduces local transportation.



Pure & Undyed

The llamas are sheared once a year, giving approximately 1.5 – 2 kilos of fiber. The yield is about 40%, making around 2 -3 medium weight sweaters.

Because the natural shades of their wool are so rich and beautiful, most of our llama styles are completely pure and undyed, allowing nature’s own palette to stand out in all its abundance. This is especially apparent in our handknits, which are expertly finished in heavy llama wool with intricate patterns and bold embroidery. Our Tonja and Yngvil styles are beautiful examples of the diversity, durability, and exclusivity offered by the llama wool fibre we know and love, founded in a gentle, pure color palette. For our outerwear pieces finished in llama and merino wool, the soft yet refined silhouette of both are made timeless by a sleek finish that is naturally water-repellant – a unique property of the llama fiber.


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