Gratis versand und rückversand | Kostenlose geschenkverpackung

Dressed up for holiday cheer

As the holiday season unfolds, the air is filled with anticipation and joy, marking the beginning of festive gatherings and cozy dinners with loved ones. Amidst the warmth and merriment, the question of what to wear to these celebratory occasions arises. We seamlessly blend tailored styles and timeless designs, perfect for adorning oneself during the holiday festivities.

Olia Top Flore
EUR 320
Mason jacket tailored
EUR 535
Milo Pant Velvet
EUR 360
Charlie Scarf Flore
EUR 55
Philo shirt tailored
EUR 245
EUR 215

Complimentary Gift Wrapping

Staying true to our commitment of natural and undyed materials, our Furoshiki cloth wrapping will be fashioned from leftover undyed organic cotton – a luxurious touch complemented by the endearing llama card accompanying every gift.