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Heather Classic pillow (40x60)
EUR 200
Theo Nepal Cushion (50x80)
EUR 390
Raul pillow (50x50)
EUR 145
Pillow Cotton Slub (50x50)
EUR 75
Marking Silk Pillow (40x60)
EUR 160
Tide Nepal Cushion (30x40)
EUR 185
Theo Nepal Cushion (30x40)
EUR 185
Maddie Cushion (50x50)
EUR 200
Madison Throw (110x280)
EUR 605
Undyed Cotton Throw
EUR 175
Kimono Linen
EUR 345
Shopper Vacanza
EUR 115
Shopper Slub
EUR 115
Pouch Heavy Poplin
EUR 55
Favorite Bag Double
EUR 115
Favorite Bag Vacanza
EUR 115
Pillow Vacanza (50x50)
EUR 75
Pillow Cotton Slub (50x80)
EUR 85

Responsible Home Essentials: Discover the Latest Arrivals 

Our new home accessories show true range and personality, offering a broad collection of responsibly produced home essentials in made-to-last natural materials such as soft llama and sheep's wool, exclusive cashmere blends, and breathable organic cotton. The colors are muted and elegant with occasional pops of vibrant reds, blues, and playful prints. All natural materials for the exclusive Home collection are ethically sourced and refined locally in Bolivia, Nepal, and India.

Luxurious pieces for your home

Aiayu presents a wide selection of cushions in different textures and materials that add character to your home. Mix plush cashmere with durable llama wool cushions, and complement the look with an oversized throw for extra comfort. It's all in the details.