Aiayu 2020 Vol. 1

Aiayu 2020 Vol. 1

The simple perfect
Nostalgic flair with modern ease.

Aiayu 2020 vol 1 brings up memories of the good old days — when people were less plugged in but more connected, and clothes were meant to be lived, loved and played in. It was fun, colourful, simple, comfortable.

The colors and innocence of childhood come together in Aiayu’s signature sense of unruffled cool and timeless pieces. The tomato red of a fire engine, lavender fields from summer holidays, the feel of soft chunky knits from a grandparent’s closet and warm, natural beige, brown, sand and camel from time spent outdoor. Favorite natural fibers llama, cotton and cashmere demonstrate their diversity again. Simple, organic, a little playful – a comfort zone which connects you back to a familiar, happy experience.

A little bit of everything from memory comes together harmoniously, without fuss. Slightly puffy sleeves, retro collars, breezy side slits bring contrast to the clean silhouettes. Chunky argyle knits, and fuzzy bouclé knits meant be worn in a nonchalant manner mixing prints and shapes. Even the more tailored pieces like a jackets, trousers and chinos are given a carefree spirit.


The 100% organic cotton seersucker is an obvious summer follow up from winter’s corduroy, the tactile surface is comfortable on your skin and carries the colors beautifully. Both were essential fabrics from my childhood in the 70’s, everybody knows these, which brings confirdence and comfort.”

Maria Høgh Heilmann, Founder and Creative Director, Aiayu. 


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