AIAYU TRIBE: A Chat with Drew Sycamore

AIAYU TRIBE: A Chat with Drew Sycamore

Ripe strawberries, sandals and knits, long conversations and walks. This is summer for musician Drew Sycamore. Follow along to discover the world according to Drew - all dressed in Aiayu, naturally. Images by Kia Hartelius/Fern Studio.

Hi, Drew! Tell us a bit about your name?

I’ve always enjoyed being on a first-name basis with people, but as a musician, it has occurred to me just how inconvenient it is to be named ‘Drew’ online, as it is a fairly common name shared by a lot of people all over the world. In Denmark, ‘Drew’ is a unique name, but it was difficult for people to find me on social media and streaming services. Over the years, all my idols have had really cool artist names – like Mercury, Winehouse and Bowie – and when ‘Sycamore’ popped into my head one day, it had a really nice vibe.

What are you doing this summer?

This year, summer will be all about eating ripe strawberries, wearing sandals and knits, feeling the sand between my toes, and enjoying long conversations and walks. This is the plan up until August, when I return to the studio to finish my new album. I am trying to make the most of this strange summer without shows, thinking of how we will one day look back at this odd time in our lives. I will never again take hugs for granted, nor forget to appreciate the magic of standing in a crowd with thousands of people.

In what way has the Corona crisis impacted your way of working as an artist?

I don’t know just yet how this will affect my work. In itself, art hasn’t changed much. We’re still working together in cave-like environments, trying to create in small groups with our instruments. In the beginning, I was very fed up with social media, and I also re-evaluated my own presence in that space. It was nice to be able to ‘see’ people via livestreams, but it also made me very aware of what I want the essence of what I do to be.

What is your new single, ‘Take it back’, about?

‘Take It Back’ is ‘a minute of madness’. The song was written in no time, and is just a really nice and easy piece that happened as a result of us playing around in the studio.

In what ways do you try to live a more sustainable life?

For me, I think the biggest step is a general consciousness about my behavior here on earth. Every time I consume, and every time I reach for something in the supermarket, I am fully aware of what that choice means. For one, I am a vegetarian. Apart from that, I do what I can in general. There are a lot of very easy things one can do, like sorting your trash, buying organic and recycling. At the same time, I think it is important to ask yourself the question, ‘What do I actually need?’.

Which are your three favorites from Aiayu, and why?

I love my striped set that consists of the Shirt Dress Stripe and Striped Pants. I wear it all the time. A classic white shirt is also an important part of my repertoire. The Aiayu Shirt is so soft and easy to style – I have worn it to both a wedding and to the beach. This – for me – is the most important part of a wardrobe: it needs to be multipurpose and wearable!

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