Sustainable Steps <br />
- A Chat with Maria Høgh Heilmann

Sustainable Steps
- A Chat with Maria Høgh Heilmann

Be inspired by these easily manageable tips on how to take small steps in a more sustainable direction. A great place to start is with your home and wardrobe, incorporating little changes into your daily life and routine.

Sustainability translates into all aspects of life, and building a sustainable wardrobe and home is an excellent way to begin – taking crucial steps in the right direction towards more conscious decisions. Here’s AIAYU founder, Maria Høgh Heilmann, on how to choose and live sustainably:

“A sustainable wardrobe and home starts with quality items made from materials that are natural and durable. Designs that are timeless finished in materials that will last, encouraging consumers to buy fewer, better things. Consciously investing for the future is also a way to put it.”

Start With Your Household

A great tip, according to Heilmann, is to find inspiration by looking back at how your grandmother kept her household. Most likely, she made do with very little, and cared for what she had.

“There are many ways to start small. Make sure your kitchen cloths and towels are made from 100% cotton, and avoid micro-plastic in your household. Off the top of my head, these are some tried-and-true sustainable routines I can recommend:

– Skip plastic and buy in bulk.
– Reuse tote bags for grocery shopping. AIAYU has some great, durable totes that you can fold and keep in your handbag.
– Airdry your clothes and sheets! Not only is it better for the environment, the scent is heavenly too, and your clothes will last longer. Most fibres aren’t built to be treated at high, changing temperatures.
– Buy organic products according to the seasons. Strawberries are fresh in the summer, not when they are flown in from Spain in January.
– Surround yourself with natural materials: pure wools are self-cleaning, and organic cotton can be washed at low temperatures and used again and again.”

Make Every Scrap Count

Maria Heilmann also emphasizes how important it is to make every scrap count: “I grew up with patchwork. My mom made me patchwork dresses, curtains, bags, patchwork art for the walls, and so on. It is a beautiful craft, and perfect for prolonging the life of a material, giving scraps beauty and new life.”

“At AIAYU, we try to incorporate this technique in the way we re-use scraps from our textile production to make new products, for instance by weaving raw rugs from leftover cotton.”

You can read more about our Zero Waste initiative here.

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