Aiayu 2021 Vol. 1

Aiayu 2021 Vol. 1

Through thoughtful details, elegant fits, and invigorating colours, the 2021 Vol. 1 collection explores the magic of the mundane - those fleeting everyday moments that allow us to just be. Campaign shot by Petra Kleis.

Aiayu 2021 Vol. 1 is an homage to the quiet grace of everyday life. With carefully chosen materials, colours, and fits, the collection elevates and celebrates those fleeting moments that allow us to just be – those nourishing acts of self-care that give comfort and peace. Whether you need to pause, reflect, stretch, or dance, these exclusive favorites are made for slow days wrapped up in comfort and softness.



Cotton Classics

The collection explores the versatility of classic cotton: well-known Aiayu styles re-imagined in fresh colours and elegant fits that are easy to combine with soft wool layers, creating effortless everyday outfits that you will return to again and again.

Forever favorites, like the classic shirt and shirt dress, come in bold plaid patterns and playful colour combinations, while corduroy adds a soft and tactile surface to our versatile jumpsuit and functional Camp Gilet vest. Perfect investment pieces that stand out in both comfort and style.





Carefully Sourced: New Materials

Aiayu continues to search the world for exquisite natural fibers. For this collection, we are proud to add two new materials to our portfolio: Sartuul wool from Mongolia and Eri silk from India. Both materials are explored in-depth for the 2021 Vol. 1 collection, creating unique items with their very own characteristics and personality.

Sartuul wool:

Aiayu’s Sartuul will remind you of the pure wool sweaters from your childhood, which kept you warm winter after winter. Sartuul is a rare breed of nomadic sheep from the Mongolian steppe. It has all the characteristics of sheep wool that we love – the warmth, the durability, the self-cleaning properties – as well as a unique ability to soften and take shape after its owner.

Our Sartuul is sourced from the “Green Gold” project, a Swiss development program which organises cooperatives of nomadic herders in the Mongolian steppe. The project helps herders preserve their traditional way of life through artisanal fiber production of heritage Mongolian breeds – like Sartuul and yak. The program has a deep commitment to sustainable grazing management and is actively working to restore Mongolia’s precious grasslands.

Aiayu silk:

Aiayu silk is a cruelty-free alternative to conventional silk. Our silk is harvested after the moths have naturally emerged from their cocoons, leaving them unharmed by production. Aiayu silk is cultivated by tribal farmers who live in rural villages in Assam, India.

Until recently, these tribes lived as hunter gatherers in Assam’s forests where they encountered wild silkworms feeding on native castor trees. Now, the silkworms are carefully raised in the villages by the women of the tribe, providing important income to these communities. The finished fabric reflects the organic beauty of its origin – and we love its textural and more natural feel.