Gifts that are beautiful <br />
inside & out

Gifts that are beautiful
inside & out

For your Christmas shopping pleasure:
Ethical and aesthetic gifts.To help you find the perfect gift this season, we asked Aiayu founder Maria Høgh Heilmann what she is considering for the important people in her life.

To me the holidays are spending time with my loved ones, catching up and reflecting over the year gone by. Gifts are just a small part of it – but I do put a lot of thought into it. The gifts should be made without endangering the planet, it should be something that will light up the eyes of my loved ones and something they can enjoy having for a long time.

Aiayu gifts come in a reusable organic totebag – you can tie a ribbon and place them under the tree just the way they are, without using plastic or paper wrapping.



This may not feature on most men’s wish list – but I know from experience that when he receives it he will not want to get out of it. It is the most relaxing outfit for the holidays. When lighter days arise again, the shirt fits a pair of blue jeans quite well and the pants will be great for a relaxing summer outfit. It is made in yarn dyed navy and black stripes and comes in a matching gym bag. 100% organic cotton made in certified factories using only solar energy.

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We call them pyjamas but they are actually multipurpose – the top and pants can be worn on their own as part of everyday outfits. Perfect for your friend, mother or sister who will love its crispiness. Made from 100% organic cotton in a certified factory using 100% solar energy.

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I plan to give this scarf to my best girlfriend and to my best male friend. It works for both and is a great alternative to heavy scarfs. It is warm but so soft that you almost forget you have it on.

The scarf is from Nepal where it’s been woven by hand using traditional Nepalese techniques.

View Scotty scarf


This Christmas I will give my mother the HELEN clutch. It will be her second, but one can always use one more Helen. It’s a must-have and can hold everything from pencils & pens or makeup and jewelry for an evening out.

The HELENS have been in our collection for more than 10 years and come in numerous solid and mixed colors. The clutch is handknitted in Bolivia, where only the very skilled knitters master this special bobbly technique that is so  characteristic for the style. HELEN is marked with the knitter’s initials, as a special greeting all the way from Bolivia to you.

View Helen clutch


A good night sleep will bring you a better tomorrow – make your loved ones fall in love with sleep in aiayu SLEEP. 

Our bed linens are made in a light and crisp cotton poplin. They air dry easily, have a practical zip closure and come in a wide range of beautiful and mild colors. They are made from 100% organic cotton and all materials and production processes are internationally certified. Clean and crisp bed linens – Have a good night sleep.

View Aiayu SLEEP


Don’t forget to treat yourself! This soft classic beanie will last almost forever and will be your best friend during the cold seasons. It’s knitted in 100% pure natural llama wool.

View Lova beanie


1,2 kilo of pure natural llama wool. My Father would have loved this throw for Christmas, even though he was not the type that naps on the couch. The throw comes in two natural colors, directly form the Bolivian llamas roaming in the wild in the highlands of Bolivia. Its soft soft texture will make it an instant favourite.

View Tito throw

Merry Christmas from all of us at Aiayu 

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