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Repair Service

Inside Aiayu:
Repair Service

Aiayu's repair program is central to our “made to last” ideology. To fulfill this, we have an in-house tailor who carefully repairs well-loved items, helping customers extend the life of their favorite pieces. Read on to learn about how the repair service works, and be inspired to prolong the life of your own wardrobe.


This time of year, the pressure to buy is high, but the best thing you can do for the planet is to use what you already own. Making new products is a resource-intensive process, so choosing to extend the life of what you already have is always the most sustainable choice.

We know that holes, snags, and rips happen, but we don’t want this to be the reason you replace your favourite Aiayu item. Instead, we have a complimentary repair programme, making sure the Aiayu objects in your life can be loved and used for many, many years to come.


How It Works

It is complimentary to get your Aiayu product repaired for up to five years after purchase. In short, it’s two years for cotton styles and five years for knitwear. If it’s been longer than than that, we kindly ask that the customer covers the cost of shipping. You can either bring the item to the Aiayu store you bought it from, or purchase the repair service shipping fee on and send it to our repair station based in the Aiayu Market. 

Once an item is received, our in-house tailor evaluates the piece and what needs to be done – and then does her very best to fix it!



We need to slow down the rate of production and consumption, both for the sake of the planet and for the people who make the things we buy.

Today, we buy twice as much as we did 15 years ago, only to use it for half as long.1

Making a new product is a resource-intensive process. The production phase, from raw material to finished product, accounts for 70% of the greenhouse gas emissions of a garment.2 When choosing to extend the life of what you already have instead of buying new, you skip this impact.

1) McKinsey & Company and Global Fashion Agenda (2021)
2) McKinsey & Company (2016)



Tips on how to make an Aiayu piece last

Buying a high-quality garment made of a long-lasting natural material is essential to longevity. Aside from that, a key advice is to treat clothes like your second skin. That means washing them gently at low temperatures with a gentle detergent and air drying. You wouldn’t wash your face in boiling water with harsh soap, so treat your clothes the same way.

Also, a household tip we have learned from experience over the years: try to keep your elbows off the table. One of the most common repairs we see is worn-down elbows on a sweater or a top. To avoid that, try to not rest your elbows on your dinner table or desk as much.

Thankfully we receive a lot of doable repairs like smaller holes and snags, which is very satisfying because these repairs will give the garment a whole new life. 

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