Quality Sleep begins <br />
with quality materials

Quality Sleep begins
with quality materials

We invited Mie Juel and her friends Claire and Kat to catch up on what they need the most – sleep.

Mie is the mother of a 9-month-old, a stylist, an entrepreneur at @theslowhut, and a digital influencer. With so many roles, we were curious how she prioritizes rest. Under crisp Aiayu bed linen at The Audo, we talked to Mie about all things sleep. And asked her to share her Aiayu Christmas wish list.

So, tell us how your sleep retreat went?

Honestly, we didn’t get that much sleep because we had so much catching up to do. But I’d rather have a few quality hours of sleep than my usual interrupted sleep. We’ve been friends since we were teenagers, but now as career women and mothers it’s hard to find time to see each other, so it was a treat to be able to prioritize ourselves. We all share a passion for design, vintage interior and sustainability, so The Audo was the perfect setting to meet in our Aiayu PJ’s.

What is your most important sleep ingredient?

Fresh air! I leave the windows open during the day to refresh my bedroom. When I wash my sheets I air dry them to get the feel and smell of fresh air. Also, it’s more eco-friendly than tumble drying and it crinkles less. It’s a win win, as I don’t have time to iron my sheets.

What does comfort mean to you?

Everything – and more so after becoming a mother. On my Instagram @mie_juel I often share my daily outfits. However, I spend a lot of time at home working, and with my son. So, my most precious and productive moments are spent in lounge wear. I invest in good quality lounge wear. Comfort during your personal time is a true luxury. I wear my knitted Siri robe regularly. I have owned it for more than 4 years – it’s soft, gentle on the skin and looks like new even after all these years. Cashmere is another lounge wear must for me. I like Luma and Madigan in birch mélange paired with the pyjama pants in Ash. The pants are part of a pyjamas but they look good enough to run quick errands in.

How important are materials to you?

I don’t wear much when I sleep because I feel my skin breathes better. This is also the reason I invest in good quality bed linen. When I choose my bed linen, I ask myself- is this color or material something I would wear? It is a given that it has to be organic and chemical free. It is a very intimate item.

You have an inspiring home, what are the main considerations you made while decorating your bedroom?

I don’t have a lot of things in my bedroom. It is a clean and calm space. I have two layers of floor-to-ceiling curtains. An airy, light white linen curtain which is almost always drawn so the light is soft and dim and a black-out curtain for when we sleep. We of course sleep in Aiayu linen – my color is ash. It’s a calm color and sets a cozy mood. I don’t tuck in my sheets, it looks more casual this way. When I make my bed, I use the Aiayu Cinzia throw in Mix Natural. I have had it for many years and even got it repaired because I use it so much.

Any sleep routine tricks for our busy readers?

  • Make a sleep ritual. I find it helps going to bed before 10pm. I brush my hair, wear a night mask and most importantly, I make sure my iPhone is on night mode.
  • Music helps. When my son was born, my mother introduced me to a piano composition called ‘Goodnight’ by Morten Hjortbøl. It is meant to calm babies, but my husband and I have also become addicted to it and play it if we’re having difficulty with falling asleep.

Mie adds..

Since becoming a mother, quality sleep has become even more important to me. Earlier, if I was busy one day, I could get some rest the next day. But now I HAVE to get my sleep because you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. A lot is dictated by my baby’s mood. Good sleep keeps me fresh, helps me be more present as a mother and in making my work-related decisions.

Beautiful photos by @juliebjarnhoff 


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