<p>The Aiayu Store:<br />A green Christmas</p>

The Aiayu Store:
A green Christmas

The Aiayu Stores are ready for Christmas with a sustainable spirit with only up-cycled and recycled decoration. We have made beautiful knitted flowers from leftovers from our knitwear production and stars in recycled organic cotton tree-free paper.

This year once again The Aiayu Stores have collaborated with stylist Camilla Tange, @camilla.tange to decorate our stores in line with our sustainable values. A beautiful, understated winter mood has been achieved with zero waste flowers made of leftovers from our knitwear production. Our windows are dressed with Christmas stars in recycled tree-free paper from our initiative from India, where cotton scrap is collected and compressed into paper.


My main idea was to transform the strong Aiayu spirit into Christmas. Thinking of a sustainable Christmas, the idea of re-using came naturally, using what is already available and transforming leftovers into something new just makes so much sense.

I made the Christmas flowers from Aiayu knit, giving a new life to the old. As a little girl my grandmother taught me to make nylon-stocking-flowers, a technique I revived a couple of years ago. Making the flowers from Aiayu knit gives the flowers a whole new dimension, and the different textures give them a fragile and delicate feeling.

The paper stars from last year’s Christmas windows are made of upcycled cotton paper. They were leftovers from the Aiayu cotton production, but this year we reused them on the Christmas tree. They are still beautiful and used in the new setting they get a new look.


Visit us at:

Copenhagen – Store Strandstræde 12a, 1255 CPH K.
Aarhus – Volden 34, 8000 Aarhus C
Oslo – Grønnegata 1, 0350 Oslo, Norway