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Everyday Elegance:<br />
Aiayu Towels

Everyday Elegance:
Aiayu Towels

Introducing aiayu Towels: purposeful pieces for the home in calming variations of beige, grey, and ivory, mirroring the pristine colors found in nature’s own palette. Read on to learn more about how and why we choose our materials - staying close to nature, our inspiration, as always.

Made from an exceptional blend of organic cotton and durable linen, our collection of towels is an ode to the subtle luxury of everyday rituals – small gestures that feel like timely indulgence.

Developed as a natural extension of our material-first philosophy into a line of purposeful products, aiayu Towels are made exclusively from luxury natural fibers – perfectly suited for all aspects of everyday living. The thoughtful composition of GOTS-certified Turkish cotton and European linen adds a timeless, durable feel, and blends in perfectly as your new everyday companion – functional yet lasting pieces with a signature touch of aiayu luxury.



Materials-First Philosophy

All aiayu products are born from a materials-first philosophy. We search the world for the most responsible fibers, constantly deepening our relationship with nature through our work with pure and unmatched materials, and we support the producers who do things differently – more responsibly – in the process.

Manufactured at a family-owned, GOTS-certified factory in Europe with a short supply chain, our towels are developed in close collaboration with producers that are experts on towel-making, creating timeless products with functionality at the core.

Staying close to nature, the materials are a perfect pairing of naturally antimicrobial, durable linen with beautiful and breathable cotton for added softness. We always walk the extra mile to keep our colors natural and undyed wherever possible, and this is mirrored in the deep palette available in our towel collection, offering one entirely undyed version, one semi-undyed, and two solid-colored, dyed versions to compliment the universe. Certified according to the highest standards – naturally. 





Linen is an extremely durable and responsible fiber. Sourced locally in Europe, the linen fiber comes from flax plants that grow generously and require very little resources – like water and fertilizer.

Linen offers unique absorbency, softness, and durability – three factors that are key when making functional pieces that blend effortlessly with our everyday lives. By merging the benefits of linen with the classic comfort offered by cotton, we’ve created an essential towel with a luxurious, all-natural texture and feel without compromising on sustainability. The towels are organic, synthetic-fiber free and minimally dyed – or entirely undyed.