Sustainable Christmas: <br />
How To Reuse Your Furoshiki Wrapping

Sustainable Christmas:
How To Reuse Your Furoshiki Wrapping

This season, when you purchase a gift from either our webshop or one of our Aiayu stores, your gift will be beautifully wrapped in an organic cotton cloth than can be cleverly reused in a variety of ways. Read on to see all the ways you can reuse your Furoshiki wrapping.

To continue our sustainability journey and reduce waste, this season we have decided to replace all disposable giftwrapping with Furoshiki cloth made from leftover organic cotton from our production.

There are a myriad of ways to reuse your cloth wrapping. To make it easy for you, we have gathered our favourite and most clever ways to make use of the signature-coloured Aiayu fabric leftovers you receive with your present. The sustainable way is the only way, but we’re making it fun as we go along.

Read on to be inspired!


Place the present at the center of the fabric. Fold one corner towards the center, then fold the opposite corner towards the center. Then, tie the remaining two corners together so they fit snuggly over the present. Your present is now wrapped and is ready to be gifted to a loved one.  


First, cut the fabric into a 20 x 7 cm rectangle. Now, fold the fabric in half so that it is inside outThen, sew along both sides of the fabric rectangle to close the sides and form a pouch. Flip the pouch right-side-in. Combine 1 dl of dried lavender in a bowl with ¼ dl of dried rice, then fill the pouch with the rice/lavender mixture. Finally, cut a small ribbon from the leftover fabric and use it to tie the top of the filled pouch.  


Cut the fabric into a 45 x 10 cm long rectangle. Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise, so it is facing inside-out, and sew the long side closedNow, using a safety pin, flip the rectangle right-side-in by attaching the safety pin to one end and pulling it through to the other side. Cut a 15-20 cm long piece of elastic and using a safety pin, pull through the rectangle (you will need to scrunch up the fabric quite a bit). Then, sew the two ends of the elastic together so it makes an unbroken circle. Now, push some of the excess fabric on one side of the edge into the other, so one side is overlapping the other. Finally, sew the overlapping edge together so the fabric is attached 


First, fold the fabric into a triangle. Then, tie a knot on each side the triangle. Now, reverse the fabric so it is insideout, and the knots are facing inwards. Finally, tie the remaining corners of the fabric, at the top, together to form a handle.  


Cut a 42 x 70 cm piece of the fabric. Fold the ends towards the middle, so they overlap, and the size of the rectangle is 30 x 42 cm. Make sure the fabric is inside-out, so the side you want to face out when it is finished is inside. Sew along the two sides, leaving a 1 cm seam allowance on either end. Flip right-side-in and iron. Finally, insert the desired pillow.  

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