Flower decorations <br />
by Leif Sigersen in the Aiayu Store

Flower decorations
by Leif Sigersen in the Aiayu Store

Leif Sigersen is a flower artist and interior designer working with set designs for photoshoots, flower bouquets and various decoration assignments. We are very happy to welcome his beautiful stoneware vases and flower creations in the Aiayu Store in Copenhagen.

“It all started many years ago when I was lucky enough to be the first student at the well-known famous florist artist Tage Andersen. After I finished my education as a florist, I worked in the fashion industry as a stylist assistant for a year. I then started my own company LS.

My main three work areas are flower decorations and events, set design for photoshoots – it could be fashion or commercial – and finally interior designs. I do weekly flower bouquets / decorations for various boutiques, restaurants and companies. I have been lucky to work with so many memorable assignments and amazing people, both in Denmark and the years where I lived in New York.

To me it’s always the present who has my 100 percent focus. I spent quite some time examining the job I’m about to fulfil. My work must show a certain style and create an atmosphere in the result I am delivering. The inspiration comes from everywhere and not a specific place, I work 24/7.

The vases in the Aiayu store are all unique, high fired stoneware and made in collaboration with a ceramist. I have tried to design the vase as a sculpture in its own. It can stand alone, with a single branch or full of flowers. The glazing and the colours of the glazing are very important for the overall look.

When I do flowers for a specific company/store I try to catch their spirit in the bouquet and do a lot of work getting to know the company/store in order to emphasize their image and style. It’s important for me to put my design and ideas into the world of Aiayu. When I do flowers for Aiayu it has to be natural and organic and the colours has to be in the scale of the Aiayu universe.”


Each of the vases are unique and costs from DKK 1600-4800. Make sure to drop by the store at Store Strandstræde 12a, 1255 CPH K to have a look at Leif’s beautiful creations and follow him on Instagram for more of his inspiring work.