The Aiayu Store Oslo <br />
- A Visual Tour

The Aiayu Store Oslo
- A Visual Tour

Join us on a visual tour of the The Aiayu Store, Oslo. Located in the heart of Oslo on Grønnegata 1, the store was Aiayu’s first location away from the home city of Copenhagen. The store opened in the summer of 2018.

The store’s foundation is based on sustainable materials, making it a fitting home for Aiayu’s sustainable products in an intimate and architectural atmosphere. The concept store draws inspiration from Aiayu’s simple and honest aesthetic, which originates from natural materials. It is a place where ancient craft traditions meet Scandinavian elegance.

A conscious choice has been made to use organic and sustainable materials, such as wood, brass and concrete, as well as to use residues from our production. Leftover organic cotton canvas has been used to make curtains for the changing rooms, while residues from the production of our bedlinen is translated into beautiful gift ribbons.

The unique space was designed by long-time collaborator Space Copenhagen, also known for designing The Aiayu Store Copenhagen, as well as Noma and Howard Hotel in NYC.

Visit The Aiayu Store on Grønnegata 1 (entrance from Hegdehaugsveien), 0350 Oslo.

Opening Hours:
Monday – Friday: 11am-18pm
Saturday: 11am – 16pm
Sunday: Closed

Things to do in the neighbourhood:

Begin your day with a run or walk at Slottsplassen, The Palace Gardens. This fine park is a part of the royal palace and has grassy flower beds and majestic trees. Grab a coffee at Kaffebrenneriet just opposite The Aiayu Store. A quaint space, it is one of Oslo’ longest running coffee shops and serve a good cuppa. For more sustainable shopping, stop by our neighbors Nudie jeans. Remember to take a quaint tram ride around the historic neighbourhood.

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