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Sustainable community:

In our "Sustainable community" series, we want to support and push forward brands who are making a difference by committing to sustainable and responsible business practices.

Lalaby was founded by two generations with a vision of creating timeless and high quality products for our little ones - for generations to come. We had a chat with Laura Lawaetz - founder of Lalaby.

How did you get the inspiration and motivation to start your sustainable brand Lalaby?

When I was expecting our first child, I discovered this whole new world of baby and kids clothing. At first it felt overwhelming, but over time, I realized that there was a pattern to which clothes my children would use over and over again until we passed them onto the children of other friends or family members. These proved to be the investment pieces; like a good cashmere cardigan, a soft jumpsuit, a pretty dress, or a timeless pyjamas. These quickly became my family’s favorites and it suddenly made sense to spend a little extra for those long-lasting pieces.

Furthermore, my mom and my aunt had kept some really beautiful and timeless pieces from their childhoods in the 50’s and my daughter looked adorable in those. We all experienced so much joy seeing my child wear these 60 years old pieces. What struck me was how you don’t find items with such timeless design and quality these days. This really inspired me. How could something be used for this many years and still look so pretty? It made me want to create my own timeless brand that would be loved for generations to come.

During my second maternity leave I teamed up with my aunt, Grith Gerner, who is an experienced designer, and we created Lalaby together.

How do you work sustainable and what are you aware of in terms of production?

We try to think about sustainability in all aspects of our brand. Our cashmere is produced in Nepal where our clothes are handmade by women under fair working conditions. And we only work with certified organic cotton to ensure the process is sustainable from raw material to the final product. We also strive to keep the use of plastic to a minimum and instead use FSC certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council) and eco-friendly packaging.

But I would say the most sustainable aspect of our company is our design DNA. Saying no to fast fashion – where the trends constantly change and clothes are on sale a mere few months after production – is probably the most important aspect of our sustainability journey.

We want to create those timeless pieces that will be go-to favorites for our customers for generations to come.

What’s your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

Having worked in the fashion industry since I was a teenager, I suddenly realized how I would change my wardrobe every season. However, despite being exposed to new trends daily, I would always hang onto a few classic pieces – a timeless shirt, a soft cashmere sweater, the perfect blazer, great accessories, or a classic bag.

I have so many Aiayu favorites that I use over and over again; the oversized Shirt, the Poplin Pyjamas, the Viveka cardigan, the Madigan cashmere blouse, and the classic Aiayu Domus bedding. On my wishlist is the white Strap Dress styled with the Purity Cardigan for those long summer nights.


Do you try to comply sustainability in your private life? 

I think that circular fashion is a great way to give our wardrobes a longer life. I love attending flea markets where I can pass on my clothes to new owners who will give the clothes a whole new life. However, the biggest change for me personally has definitely been that I buy less, reuse what I have more, and try to only buy things that I will love for many years.

This also applies to my life on a more general level. After becoming a family with children, we try to focus more on the small things in life and what matters most; being together, being healthy, and creating memories. It feels so good to focus on these things instead of planning our next travel or purchase.

Maybe it is part of getting older, but for me, it has been a huge relief to start appreciating what we have instead of always striving for more. Not only has this made my life more sustainable, but also much happier and simpler.    |    instagram