Furoshiki - The Art of Sustainable Wrapping

Furoshiki - The Art of Sustainable Wrapping

Furoshiki is the Japanese tradition of using cloth to artfully wrap, store, and transport items. This holiday season, we have been inspired by the simplicity and sustainability of this beautiful tradition and will be wrapping all gifts in organic cotton cloth leftover from our production instead of single use wrapping paper. Read on to learn more about Furoshiki and the ways you can reuse your cloth wrapping.

The tradition of Furoshiki has been used in Japan for centuries and is the ultimate celebration of reuse and multifunctionalityIn Japan, the practice is used in many ways in everyday life – from carrying the shopping to storing delicate items during travelThis concept has inspired people around the world to integrate Furoshiki into their own contexts, and it has become a particularly popular alternative to disposable gift-wrap. Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing alternative to single use wrapping paper, but it is also a far more sustainable option. 


Given the sheer volume of material involved in gift wrapping and buying, the amount of waste being disposed of over the holidays is 25-30% higher than other times of the yearTo put it more concretely, one UK study found that in the UK alone, households will throw away enough gift-wrapping paper to reach the moon. 

This is extra troubling as most wrapping paper – particularly the glittery, hyper-colorful, festive kind – is usually a mix of paper and plastic, making it very difficult to recycle. This means most of it will end up incinerated or in a landfill. 

To continue our sustainability journey and reduce wastethis season we have decided to replace all disposable giftwrapping with Furoshiki cloth made from leftover organic cotton from our production. 

Over the next two months, when you purchase a gift from either our webshop or one of our Aiayu stores, your gift will be beautifully wrapped in an organic cotton cloth that can be cleverly reused in a variety of ways. 

Join us for a festive and sustainable Christmas season, where the art of giving is a thoughtful act. For our next journal, we will focus on how you can reuse the cloth wrapping you receive with an Aiayu present. A small but kind gesture – for people and for the planet.

See our Gift Guide for inspiration.

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