The Undyed Sweat Set

The Undyed Sweat Set

Introducing our new organic cotton sweat set, developed with a new set of standards.

Our organic cotton sweat set is all-natural and undyed, preserving the original colors of the cotton plant: milky, pure ecru and earthy brown tones with minimal environmental impact. A cleaner, better way that is sensitive to both our bodies and our planet.

The sweat set is made in collaboration with our partner, Organic Cotton Colours (OCC): an organisation that supports over 400 Brazilian family farmers who grow this rare and naturally colourful cotton. Over the last 30 years, OCC has built direct relationships with farmers based on fairtrade principles, enabling farmers to earn higher and more stable incomes. All of their cotton is rainfed, regenerative, and organic.



Full Transparency: The Aiayu x OCC Collaboration

OCC works with uncompromising respect for the environment, human rights, and product quality. At the heart of OCC is their partnership with Brazilian color cotton farmers, whose generational expertise with this rare and ancient cotton species allows them to cultivate it using traditional, regenerative agricultural practices.

This means farmers work with nature to restore and regenerate the local ecosystem, focusing on biodiversity above and below the soil to have a postive impact on the environment. OCC farms are not large monoculture plantations devoid of life, but full ecosystems with up to 5 foods crops, creating healthy habitats and more food security for farmers.

OCC has strict control over their entire supply chain, ensuring a high level of sustainability and ethics at each step. The raw material is sent directly from OCC’s farmers in Brazil to their partners in Barcelona who spin the cotton into yarn. Then, the yarn is transported to Portugal where is it knit into fabric and sewn into garments of the highest quality.




Aiayu makes timeless pieces that stay relevant in your closet. Soft essentials that work beyond seasons to become an integrated part of life with all its ebbs and flows.

The sweat set is our way of offering a cleaner, better alternative to conventionally dyed textiles: natural loungewear pieces for a conscious wardrobe that is chosen with care and consideration.

We hope you will love the new sweat set. Like a true classic, it will only get better with time.