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A Sleep Universe

Under the Covers:
A Sleep Universe

Aiayu Sleep grew from the wish to create a line of bedding in a quality that could be kept comfortably close to the skin - clean and breathable with an addictively fresh feel. Read on to learn more about Aiayu Sleep, and be inspired to curate your own sleep experience.

The ritual of sleep includes all the senses: the tactile feel of luxuriously crisp cotton, the nostalgic scent of a freshly made bed, and soothing colors to please the eye. Careful little steps towards creating an intimate space that is entirely your own.

At Aiayu, we consider sleep the ultimate modern day luxury – something we should all prioritise a little more, and dedicate ourselves to with the same dilligence and intention we approach other aspects of life.

Our Sleep universe is an exploration of color, texture, and functionality – with a soothing aesthetic and premium materials at the core of the collection. Breathable, durable, and seasonless in a carefully selected 100% organic cotton quality.



The clean cotton poplin is tightly woven with a thin thread that is spun from the longest fibers, giving it the unique combination of softness with a crisp feel. A carefully selected and rare quality, responsibly made in 100% organic, GOTS certified cotton.

Our production is held to the highest standards, ensuring that strict social and environmental criteria are followed from seed to final garment.

All Aiayu Sleep products are exclusively produced in a facility that reuses wastewater and runs on renewable energy.




There is a timeless appeal to the Aiayu Sleep universe. The color palette is soft and refined, ranging from classic neutrals, like White and creamy Oxford, to blues as clear as the Sky and deep as the Ocean. These solid-colored favorites are perfectly complemented by classic stripes like our revered indigo or modern Soleil versions.

Go monochrome with tone-in-tone neutrals for your nighttime ritual, or mix it up for a playful, personal look that pairs solids with stripes, or delicate pastels with comforting dark hues.





Our line of Sleep textiles is machine washable, but we encourage thoughtful washing. Natural fibers are not built to be treated at high, changing temperatures.

Washing is hard on your textiles and on the environment. Aiayu recommends machine wash at 40 degrees, using natural detergents with no bleach.

We recommend air drying your products for a fresh look and feel. The lightweight quality dries quickly.

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