The V Movement x Aiayu

The V Movement x Aiayu

Sustainability can, and must, run deeper. The sustainability of personal change has to be created consciously. Amanda Nørgaard and Josephine Bredsted founded the V Movement to focus on spiritual sustainability. As a run-up to a yoga and meditation workshop Aiayu and the V are conducting in collaboration, we spoke to them about the importance of a relationship with oneself, and how we must be better to ourselves and to one another to create a better planet.

Amanda, you are a model, and Josephine you have held leading roles in fashion communication. What prompted you to shift gears? Do tell us more about The V Movement. 

Amanda: “Modeling was always a daytime job for me, I’ve known for quite some time now that my actual job would be working towards liberating and changing the collective consciousness. When I encountered the Kundalini Technology, it was like coming home. The great thing about Kundalini is that it is a really powerful self-healing method that gives the power back to the people by making them realize just how powerful they are. It is you, the practitioner, who does the actual work of strengthening your nervous system, releasing traumas, and eventually becoming happier and healthier.”

Josephine: “Communication and relations are traits that always came very natural to me. Being a creative by nature, the fashion industry seemed like a playground of opportunities – and it was! Nevertheless, I felt like the connection towards social sustainability was missing. The focus on sustainable production is bigger than ever, but I feel like we are missing a focus on social sustainability – we need to be better towards one another in order to create the business we need. This is why I wanted to start The V with Amanda.”

Amanda: ”The V is a platform that not only facilitates Kundalini Technology, but a lot of ancient and profound teachers and teachings. We want to demystify the holistic and conscious scene, making it available to everyone. A lot of these methods are super practical and can easily be incorporated into your everyday life, giving you more energy, a better health and a happier life. We do a lot of experience-based work, such as panel talks and workshops.”

Josephine: ”We also work with Community Building within the corporate world, in order to create a thriving creative and conscious environment. Basically we are a spiritual toolbox, taking spirituality to the streets, where everyone in every walk of life can benefit and grow. Come as you are and leave more as you are!”

Why is it important to develop a relationship with oneself – how does one begin or go deeper? 

Amanda: “Because within every area of your life, whether in your relationship, your friendships or in a professional setting, everything begins with You. You within You. The relationship you have with yourself is the most important one. Align with your self, your power and your potential, and you will become radiant and victorious. 

Having a strong nervous system allows us to face this fast-paced time we are living in. Having a strong sense of Self make us conscious, clear and confident. Our experience of life will be so much more fun, free and creative because we are not held back by old fears and traumas. 

It all starts with you. Having a daily practice that includes physical movement and meditation is a really powerful and life-changing tool. It doesn’t have to take more than 10-15 minutes, and you choose whatever technology or method you like. It can be a guided meditation, breath work, dancing, running or Kundalini. Whatever works for you.

On The V’s instagram, we will be featuring different women’s daily practices, so there is so much inspiration to download.” 

So many of us proudly identify as being goal-oriented, which is a future-oriented perspective. How does one stay present, and also have ambitions or goals?

Josephine: “The present is the most important asset we have to make a better future. This is why we are here. Working for the future, doesn’t mean that we don’t cherish the now. Because it is in the now that we are working with what we love and for a cause we so strongly believe in. 

Again, the direct relationship we have with our spirit and by our daily practice we are always aligning ourselves with reality and the present moment.”

Please share with us one spiritual hack the always-on-the-go Aiayu woman can practice anywhere?

Mantras, mantras, mantras! Mantras are high-vibrating words that heal anxiety, insomnia, depression and activate focus, creativity and will-power, making them a great tool for a modern woman or man on the go. All you have to do is listen. There are so many good ones on Spotify, some of our favorite artists are White Sun, Snatam Kaur and Nirinjan Kaur.

Thank you, Josephine and Amanda!

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