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Hotel The Monica

Aiayu on Tour:
Hotel The Monica

The Monica is a luxurious home-away-from-home devoted to all of life’s little pleasures. Personally curated by its owner, Monica Conradsen, the hotel features a line of bespoke aiayu pieces - a perfect match for The Monica's luxurious universe.

The Monica is intrinsically connected to the force of nature that is its owner and curator, Monica Conradsen. Monica is known for her personal approach to the hotel business – and The Monica isn’t just any hotel. Quaintly located in Ærøskøbing on Danish island Ærø, the luxurious home-away-from-home is a personally curated space that perfectly embodies the heart and soul of its owner, making it a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t find anywhere else.


A Personal Curation

Monica is a woman of distinguished taste – visible in every nook and every corner of the small hotel. The charming space is full of personality, and every item is meticulously chosen to fit into the aesthetic universe that Monica Conradsen has created.

Guests are invited to step into a universe devoted to all of life’s little pleasures: Fresh produce is translated into tasteful dishes, beds are made with crisp bedlinen, and you are greeted in the morning by the smell of freshly baked bread – perhaps enjoyed while studying some of the coffee table books on display in Monica’s extensive library.



Aiayu x The Monica: Bespoke Pieces

As a part of a collaboration born from mutual admiration, aiayu produced a select line of bespoke sun hats for the hotel, embroidered with The Monica’s logo. Apart from sun hats, our signature striped bathrobe is a fixed part of a welcome basket prepared for the guests by Monica, perfect for after-swim comfort. The outside lounge area is furnished with soft aiayu cushions, while all rooms are luxuriously clad in wool throws and cushions for a final touch of elegance.