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Beo shorts
EUR 115
Jersey Pyjamas
EUR 200
Pyjamas Night
EUR 215
Avi tee
EUR 115
Heaven Dress Fine Stripe
EUR 175
Sue Shirt Fine Stripe
EUR 160
Hella Shorts
EUR 115
Eliza Dress
EUR 190
Hella Shorts Fine Stripe
EUR 100
Pablo Pant
EUR 145
Drew cardigan
EUR 420
Hooded Terry Bathrobe
EUR 275
Miri pants
EUR 245
Ida vest
EUR 360
Madigan Cashmere Blouse
EUR 320
Demi top
EUR 225
Bathrobe Silence
EUR 260
Hilma Tee
EUR 130
Summer Robe
EUR 220
Penelope Shirt Striped
EUR 190
Nina Bucket Hat
EUR 55
Casual Shorts
EUR 85
Pablo Pant Striped
EUR 175
Luma Cashmere Top
EUR 245
Kimono Linen
EUR 345
Bathrobe Striped
EUR 215
Robe Vacanza
EUR 335
Robe Double
EUR 335
Casual Pant
EUR 145
Light Short Sleeve
EUR 55
Pyjamas Poplin
EUR 215
Strap Dress
EUR 145
Pyjamas Dash
EUR 215
Shorts Long Striped
EUR 105
Lilja Pant
EUR 130
Lilja Pant Striped
EUR 145
Pyjamas Shirt Garcon
EUR 190
Pyjamas Garcon
EUR 230

Soft Loungewear from Aiayu: Luxury Basics Made from Responsible Materials

Discover loungewear from Aiayu: made to last in organic and natural materials, these comfy classics are guaranteed to make you feel your best. Organic cotton shirts, pants, dresses, and tees in elegant fits with thoughtful design details that elevate your everyday look. Made with a modern ethos that merges comfort and elegance by using only the very best materials available.