We opened the doors to our store in Oslo in 2018. We knew right from the beginning that this was the perfect place to begin our Norwegian adventure: in the beautiful building with the iconic clock and gate, located on a dynamic street filled with creative and inspiring vibes. 

The store is spatious and light, with large window sections and an intuitive and comforting feeling that everything is natural and ‘right at home’. The muted and subtle colours of the cotton and wool fills the room, letting the essential stand out: the materials and our strong design DNA. 


We are a dedicated team of five. All our personnel are specialists in Aiayu products and materials, and are always ready to answer any question. 

Space Copenhagen are once again the masterminds behind the decoration of the store. They immediately saw the potential in the different levels that characterize the store, using this to create a room with different dimensions and functions. The room is centered around a beautifully made bed, stairs that have been transformed into a bench, and an entrance leading to our signature counter and cabinet.

The design is timeless, made from quality materials, with a warm and welcoming vibe.