Our Aiayu products are made from natural, organic materials. Here are a few tips to prolong the life of products made with love – and meant to be loved.


Before washing, button up the buttons on cotton garments and zip up the cotton duvets so they can move freely in the wash. To keep the natural relaxed, wrinkled look, toss the items a bit after you wash them and simply let them hang dry. Ironing should be kept to a minimum, as the heat damages the fibres.


Keep our knits in a clean closet together with several blocks of cedar, which will help keep moths away. It’s also wise to air out your wardrobe twice a year – in fresh air, preferably on frosty days – as moths cannot survive in the cold. In case moths have already found a little home in one of our knits, simply wrap it in plastic, wrap our other wool products in a separate plastic and place them in the freezer for 24 hours. Then clean your closet thoroughly and spray the room with moth spray.

Yak and Cashmere have fairly short fibres, which tend to pill with use over time. You can easily un-pill these products by hand, with a small comb or just ask your dry cleaner to take care of it.


Natural wool fibres are self-cleaning materials, so airing our your Aiayu wool garments is often enough to give them a fresh start.

Washing is hard on your garments and on the environment. Water waste is not only relevant in the production process, but also in terms of the consumer. To minimise waste, we recommend a gentle 30-degrees for washing our wool knits and 40 degrees maximum for our cotton products.

It is important to know that natural fibres are especially sensitive towards high temperatures and any changes in water temperature. If your washing machine has a gentle wool cycle, this is actually preferred over washing Aiayu items by hand. Machines can keep a stabile temperature, the garment is not soaked and a very light tumbling that’s part of the wash cycle helps get the water out. All of which is a gentler way of cleaning our products than by hand.

For wool or other garments that need delicate washing, we recommend Euculan or Sonnett wool soap. If you are out of wool soap, use hair shampoo, which is designed for natural fibres. Never use bleach, softeners or soap with bleach.

Avoid putting any of your Aiayu items in a dryer. Any high temperatures, from a dryer or even an iron, will damage the fibres and wear out your Aiayu designs before their time. For the best results, simply let your Aiayu products air dry. This will also save on energy consumption.


We believe luxury products should last. So to extend the life of your Aiayu products even longer, we offer you a unique opportunity to have us help repair a cherished piece of Aiayu knitwear for free.

So please don’t kill your darlings and do come to us before any problem is too far gone. If it’s possible to do a repair, we would be happy to as a gesture of good will.

How our repair service works:

– bring your repair to the AIAYU store in person (it is  not possible to send the repairs)
– to keep the service time quick, we only accept 2 pieces at a time
– you must present a copy of the original receipt for the repair to be accepted
– we will send an SMS when your items are ready for pick up from the store
– repairs can take up to 8 weeks, since most are done by hand
please note: Sometimes the damage is unfortunately not repairable. Aiayu staff reserves the right to decline a repair.

St. Strandstræde 12a, Copenhagen –
Contact: +45 2784 0963


All of our Aiayu products are made to be lived with for a long time.

From the timeless look of the designs and the colours to the durable qualities of the fabrics. We don’t believe in following fleeting fashion trends. Instead, we want our products to be natural, comfortable and something you’ll want to covet for a long, long time.

Of course, how you use and care for your Aiayu products will have an impact on how they look and how long they will last. See our tips on how to extend the life of your Aiayu products in our CARE section.

Living a sustainable life involves buying things you want to keep. If after a while you simply no longer need your Aiayu products, we encourage you to give them to someone you love – or to a second hand boutique or charity. That way, you would be passing on a product to someone else who could really benefit from it. Prolonging the life of the product and extending the love and care that went into making it.

Natural fibres are biodegradable. Meaning, if you leave an Aiayu product in nature long enough, nothing will be left apart from the buttons. Consequently, we avoid the waste issues associated with other fabrics, which are not natural like ours.

What’s more, all of our Aiayu products are packaged in biodegradable bags, which are designed to completely decompose over time. Depending on the temperature and ambient moisture, it could take anywhere from 6 – 12 months. A much faster, more environmentally friendly and natural process vs. a synthetic counterpart, which would take several hundred years to eventually decompose.