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Why repair?

It is the most responsible way to consume clothing, and to keep wearing your beloved wardrobe staples for many more years to come.

At aiayu we want our products to last, so we choose natural materials that are durable and of a high quality. As experts of natural materials, we also know how to handle our products best, and how they can most effectively be repaired.



How to go about the repair

You have different options on how to get your aiayu item repaired at The Aiayu Market. If you are local to Copenhagen, we recommend dropping your item off with one of our staff members for it to be repaired. The price for this is DKK 195,-.

We recommend you drop off your repair at The Aiayu Market on Århusgade 145, Kbh. Ø.

If you are unable to drop off your item, you have the option to ship it to The Aiayu Market. This service is available within Denmark and the EU.

How to ship it:

– Buy a repair shipping fee here. A repair fee includes the service of having your item mended by our in-house tailor, a shipping label you can use to send your repair item to us at the Market, as well as the costs for us to send it back to you, once the repair is done. (Please note that this service is available for EU customers only.)

– Clearly mark the location of the holes you wish to have repaired

– Print the order confirmation for the repair shipping fee, and send it with your aiayu item (max 1 item) using the shipping label that you have received from our customer service team via e-mail.



We try to match the yarn used in your product as closely as possible, but exact matches are not always possible, so some repairs may be visible. Your item will still be better-than-new, though, since the best product to have is the one you already own – and love.

In cases where the original materials are no longer available, maintaining the integrity of your product is our priority. The color for the repair may not be identical, but we will do our best to match it as closely as possible.

Keep what you love

We believe that well-loved products should last, and that repair-reuse-reduce is the only responsible way to treat your garments. To extend the life of your AIAYU products, we offer free repairs for five years after the purchase date for all knitwear, and two years after the purchase date for woven cotton and cotton jersey.



We only accept clean products and for the best possible outcome, we recommend that the product is free of any previous repairs. We do not accept repairs, where the holes are caused by moths. If you are in doubt as to whether the hole in your product was caused by a moth, please ask customer service via before buying the repair fee online.

Repairs are done by hand, and can therefore take up to 6 weeks to be completed. Sometimes the damage to a garment is simply not repairable. The Aiayu staff therefore reserves the right to decline a repair, and your shipping fee will be refunded immediately thereafter.


A kind reminder before handing in an item for repair:

Please ensure your item is clean before handing it to one of our store employees at The Aiayu Market in Nordhavn or shipping it to us.

If the product is not clean when we receive it, it will be returned to you to wash before we repair it- at your expense.

Mark the damage:

Before sending/delivering your item in need of repair, please mark the placement of the holes or damage you wish to have repaired and describe them in as much detail as possible on a written note you can include in your shipment.


Can your item be repaired?

In some cases, the damage to a garment is not repairable and the AIAYU staff reserves the right to decline a repair. Therefore, we recommend you send us a photo of the item before shipping it, so we can evaluate the condition in advance and determine whether it is something we can mend for you.

Damage caused by moths for instance is something we are unable to repair to protect the surroundings of our store.

Please use the following email for questions regarding the repair service:


Where to ship the item to:

All packages for the Aiayu repair service must be sent to The Aiayu Market.

Århusgade 145, 2150 København
+45 31 57 93 49

Please remember to include your preferred return address, to ensure you receive your repaired item to the correct address and keep your proof of shipment to be able to track your package.

Any more questions?

Are you unsure about anything or have further questions about the repair service?

Please feel free to email us at or give us a call via +45 31 57 93 49 and we will be happy to help you.