aiayu concept store

We look forward to welcome you in the Aiayu concept store in the heart of Copenhagen.

One universe – exclusive knits and crispy cotton products
Every knitted clutch, cotton pillow and sweater is an expression of time consuming and very skilled work, that deserves full attention in beautiful surroundings, where we are able to tell the story behind and give our customers a unique experience.

With great sensitivity for décor
In enlongation of the aestethics of aiayus own strong and clear aestethic hand, we have called for top of nutch Nordic people, like Space Copenhagen, who recently did Howard hotel in NYC and Noma, Christine Rudolph stylist for the NOMA cookbook and latest 2 Gwyneth Palthrow cookbooks and design studio ‘All the way to paris’ for visual identity.

The brands conscious mind in use of materials, is also reflected in our use of wrapping and way of exposing our products in the shop. The products are represented single standing – without to much fuzz around them, letting them speak their own clear language. The wrapping part is minimized to care for the environment, gift band is made out of left over materials from the companys cotton production and simple bags with always visible aiayu signature on it. All in all you can shop with good conscious and still feel indulged in our Aiayu shop.

store adress: store strandstræde 12a, 1255 Kbh.K.