repair service


Keep what you love
We believe that well-loved products should last, and that repair-reuse-reduce is the only responsible way to treat your garments.

To extend the life of your beloved AIAYU products, we offer free repairs for 5 years after the purchase date for all knitwear and two years for woven cotton and cotton jersey.

How to use our repair service:

– Buy a repair shipping fee on

– Clearly mark the location of the holes you wish to have repaired, or describe in detail and include in the shipment.

– Print the order confirmation for the repair shipping fee, and send together with your AIAYU item (max 2 items) to this address:

AIAYU Aps, Forbindelsesvej 12, 2, TH., 2100 København Ø.

PLEASE NOTE: Shipping a repair item to AIAYU is at your own expense – the repair fee only covers shipping costs from AIAYU to your address in DK.

We will return the item(s) to your chosen delivery address once they are repaired.

Repair service in our store, St. Strandstræde 12A:
You are welcome to deliver your repair directly to our store, if you bought your item there. Please remember to bring your receipt.

Please note:

Repairs are done by hand, and can therefore take up to 6 weeks to be completed. Sometimes the garments is simply worn-out and a repair can’t be done in a satisfying way or, under unfortunate circumstances, the damage to a garment is simply not repairable.
The AIAYU staff therefore reserves the right to decline a repair, and your shipping fee will be refunded immediately thereafter.

The repair service is only available for customers in Denmark.

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