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Timeless Design

At aiayu, we believe in making fewer, high-quality things – to help you buy less and choose well.

Aiayu has a deep commitment to timeless design, always striving to create the best possible version of each product, to ensure you will use and love every item for years to come.

We choose quality not quantity, releasing only two wear and home collections each year – giving us and our production partners the time to thoughtfully design and meticulously craft each essential.





Natural Materials

The story of aiayu is about falling in love with nature’s best materials.

Aiayu searches the world for nature’s best materials – like Eri silk, llama, yak, & Sartuul wool – which support small family farmers, nomadic herders, and sustainable producers doing things differently.

We do not believe plastic belongs on our skin, and over 98% of our collections are synthetic free. Essentials made from natural materials feel better, inspire care, and can be responsibly disposed of at the end of their life.





Respectful Relationships

The foundation of aiayu is respectful relationships. Our suppliers are our partners, and often our friends. Many of them have been with aiayu since the beginning. Our partners are rarities in an industry where exploitation is the norm – providing fair wages, good working conditions, and stable jobs to their communities.

When we find the right ones, we commit for the long-term – working together to continuously become more responsible.





Certifications are an important piece of aiayu’s responsibility practice.

For popular materials, we source according to the most rigorous certifications – like the Global Organic Textile Standards [certified through Control Union, license #: CU 855356] for organic cotton or the Responsible Wool Standard for wool.

To ensure everyone involved in making an aiayu item is paid fairly and treated with respect, we work with production partners who have leading social responsibility certifications, like SA8000 or BSCI.

Aiayu commits to annually asking each production partner how much they pay their employees, to safeguard fair wages are being paid.






Aiayu’s philosophy is to gently refine what nature has created so beautifully – which means keeping the natural colour of our materials whenever possible. Undyed colours from nature are not only pure, biodegradable, and less polluting, they are also timeless, subtle, and beautiful. Many aiayu knits are undyed, and we are always aiming to increase this proportion.

Aiayu has also partnered with Organic Cotton Colours (OCC) to create pieces from undyed, ancient varieties of organic cotton, which grow in a gentle colour palette.





Repair Service

The best thing we can do for the planet is to buy less and use what we have for longer. To prolong the life of our products, we offer a complimentary repair service so a small hole, tear, or snag will not stop you from continuing to love and use the aiayu items in your life.

Check out our repair service information page to learn how to have your aiayu styles repaired by our in-house tailor.