The Aiayu Market

If you’ve ever wanted to shop for Aiayu samples and products from past seasons, learn more about our work, and get tips and tricks on garment care and repair – The Aiayu Market is the place for you.

We believe collaboration is the key to making a difference. The Aiayu Market is an educational retail space for everyone – wherever they are on their sustainability journey – to join the conversation.

Here, you can shop samples and archive products, learn more about the way we work and how to best take care of your clothes, or get your favorite Aiayu item repaired at our expanded repair workstation.

In a world focused on the new, we hope the Market will be a space that is dedicated to repairing, reusing, and celebrating the Aiayu items that are already here.

General information about The Aiayu Market:

We are eager to welcome you in our new retail space. Here are some details for you to consider:


To reduce waste, giftwrapping is not available at the Aiayu Market.


We gladly accept returns within seven days from the date of purchase. Please note that we only accept items that were originally bought in-store at the Market. It is not possible to return an online purchase.

We do not offer refunds.


Our repair service is not yet ready for purchase in-store at the Market.

To have an item repaired, please buy a repair fee online, and we will handle it for you.

Our seamstress, Anna, is ready to help you with repairs every Monday and Tuesday!