The Undyed Collection
The Undyed Collection


Aiayu’s philosophy is to gently refine what nature has created so beautifully, which means keeping the natural color of our materials whenever possible. Undyed colors from nature are not only pure, biodegradable, and less polluting, they are also timeless, subtle, and beautiful. Their environmental impact is low, seeing as the processing of an undyed fiber is considerably less energy and water intensive – a better, more responsible choice all around.

When an Aiayu piece is ‘undyed’, this simply means that the shade of the raw fiber has not been altered or chemically processed in any way. The color you see is all-natural – with every nuance and perfect imperfection that this entails.

You can detect an undyed variant of a style by its color name – look for ‘Pure’ when you browse colors, and discover the magic of nature’s own palette across all our ready-to-wear, sleep, and home categories.


Lou top
EUR 130
Tova knit blouse
EUR 160
Rio vest
EUR 175
Freya sweater
EUR 505
Jude cardigan
EUR 345
Jumpsuit Square
EUR 260
Lala Shirt Square
EUR 190
Viva knit pants
EUR 190
Vigdis Scarf
EUR 360
Tonja handknitted sweater
EUR 535
Yngvil handknitted vest
EUR 480
Touch knit blouse
EUR 190
Morgan jumper
EUR 290
Akina sweater
EUR 330
Baby beanie
EUR 130
Vega scarf
EUR 290
Curly Vega Scarf
EUR 290
Pyjamas Poplin
EUR 215
Hooded Terry Bathrobe
EUR 275
Duvet Set Strap - Single XL (140x220 + pillow case)
EUR 160
Flat Sheet (260x260)
EUR 135
Undyed Cotton Throw
EUR 175
Tito Junior Throw (70x90)
EUR 240
Towel 70x140
EUR 55
Mechera Handknit Yarn
EUR 12
Aiayu Yarn
EUR 15