“Heaven, earth, sunlight, nature, hope, resistance – each color of the Aymara flag symbolizes an Aymara value. I wanted this collection to reflect the positivity, color and vibrancy found in Bolivia. I also wanted to echo the perseverance of the Aymara people – who live in tough conditions but create the most beautiful things. Each item is designed to be timeless in a made-to-last quality.”
Maria Høgh Heilmann, Founder and Creative Director, AIAYU.

Aiayu Rainbow Warrior is a limited concept collection in the bright colors of the indigenous Aymara flag of Bolivia. An homage to Aiayu’s origins and the people that make Aiayu. The collection offers styles made from luxurious materials, beautifully designed and finished in organic cotton, llama wool and cashmere. To complete the experience, each style comes with a signature Warrior neck label that allows you to show your true warrior colours. 

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