Aiayu cashmere comes from the goats that inhabit the highlands of Inner Mongolia. As pure cashmere, it’s the softest wool available but also very delicate, since the fibres are shorter than other wools, such as llama or merino.

Cashmere is a very fine selection of fibres from the inner hair of the Mongolian goat. In fact, 1 goat provides only 200 - 300 grams of pure cashmere a year, just enough for one medium weight sweater.

All Aiayu cashmere is refined in Nepal, where they have in-depth expertise in doing so. Some of our cashmere products are made by hand, others are machine made. It’s all part of our overall goal of preserving traditions and helping the challenged communities in Nepal.

Our hand spun cashmere products are crafted 100% by hand - from sorting to spinning, to weaving to dying - as the indigenous people of these regions have done for centuries. Here goats are a fundamental source of wool, milk and meat for locals, and are bred in their natural colours.

Our machine knitted cashmere essentials line is blended with linen to give the product extra strength and durability, while keeping the softness and look of the cashmere.

They are made with love – and meant to be loved.