The cotton we use is a certified organic cotton. A super compact, Indian cotton. Super compact means only the highest ranked fibres are used. Organic cotton means the cotton plant has grown without the use of pesticides. India is known the world over for their high quality cotton and expertise in refining it.

Farmers in India have been growing cotton without harmful chemicals for years. Their yield is high and the quality of the organic cotton they grow is equal to if not better than conventionally grown cotton. Their methods support biodiversity and healthy ecosystems. They actually improve the quality of the soil and often use less water. Growing organic cotton takes more time, knowledge and skills. But it’s worth it for you - and for our environment.

GOTS certified cotton guarantees that the raw material is grown organically and that the production of the final garment is processed organically and responsibly, as well. All our AIAYU cotton products are fully GOTS certified and made in 100% organic cotton fabrics.

Out of our respect for the natural beauty of organic cotton, with its comfort and crisp texture, we keep our Aiayu designs simple and timeless. So you can focus on the intrinsic appeal of the fabric and the feel.

They are made with love – and meant to be loved.