In the Altiplano of Bolivia in altitudes that reach well over 4,000 metres high, about 2 million llamas live and breed. Providing one of nature’s most exquisite materials, despite the harsh climate and conditions.

Considered one of the highest quality and most durable wool in the world, the llama fibre has a structure that’s hollow and longer than other wools, making it long lasting and unlikely to pill. It’s also thermal and anti-allergenic.

Raw llama wool comes in 14 different natural colours. We use only the finest selection of the raw material, the longest and softest of the fibres. A llama is sheared once a year, yielding 2-3 kilos of raw wool, which is a mix of fine and coarse fibres. Out of 1 kilo of raw llama wool, only 300 grams are high quality enough to be used in our Aiayu llama wool collection. We strive to keep the wool in its most natural form and never treat our llama products with softeners or lanolin.

Our Aiayu llama products are designed to be worn and lived with for a long, long time.

They are made with love – and meant to be loved.