The Aiayu Yak lives in the remote areas of the Himalayas in Nepal and Tibet. An incredible creature living in climates and conditions very difficult to endure, well above 3,000 metres in altitude.

To insulate themselves from the extreme cold, Yaks have long shaggy hair with a dense wooly undercoat that can often reach the ground. Their shepherds have depended on them for centuries for their milk, wool, meat and as a form of transport across mountain passes.

Our Yak products are made from the Yak Khulu, which is the finest and softest fibre selection from the Yak. We keep the natural light brown colour of the Yak. Any form of refinement to the wool, from sorting to spinning and weaving is done by hand in Nepal. It takes a skilled spinner 1 month to spin 2 kilos of Yak wool, enough for 5 Aiayu Lahan shawls.

Still relatively unknown to the modern textile industry, Yak Khulu is mostly found in its natural form. Treated in the right way, it has a fantastic potential, because it’s as strong and warm as llama wool but as soft as cashmere.

We hope you enjoy the natural appeal and other amazing attributes of all our Aiayu Yak products.

They are made with love – and meant to be loved.